Why Do You Need To Prime Your Vape Coil

If you’re a vaper that doesn’t prime the coils, you’re probably wondering why it’s necessary.  Whether you are a new vaper or have been using vapes for a long time, not priming your coils isn’t fine.

Although you can vape without priming your coil, it isn’t good for the coil. Also, not priming the vape coils most probably won’t bring out the best and fullest use of the vape. However, the disposable vape kits don’t provide the option to prime the coils since they are non-customisable.

The facts relevant to priming the vape coils and their importance are discussed in detail below:

Significance of Priming the Coil:

Regardless you prepare your vape coil before use or not; there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the term priming the coil. In case you don’t know, you can understand it by since this blog describes it in very simple words. Before getting to know how to perform priming procedure, it is suggested that first, you know what the coil means.

A vape coil in a vape device is the item that gets heated up. It consists of resistance wire wrapped in an absorbent material (usually cotton), referred to as a wick. The wick soaks up the e-liquid to make the vape work.

What is Priming a Coil:

Priming your vape coil simply refers to ensuring that enough vape juice is soaked into the coil and the wicking to ensure that it does not get burnt when heat is applied. Usually, you don’t need to make the wicks ready before using disposable vapes like Elf bar as they can’t be modified according to the user’s desire.

The care and time involved in priming usually depend on the resistance of the coil, which is measured in ohms. Moreover, several points that tell further why you need to prime your vape coils are as follows:

Reduces The Chance of Burnt Hits:

Burnt hit refers to the burning taste of the vape e-liquid when you inhale the vapour. It is observed when you feel burnt e-juice instead of a pleasant flavour it is called burnt hit. It occurs due to the flamed vape juice, which is led by supplying extra wattage.

One of the main reasons for burning happens when the wick is not completely saturated in vape liquid. So that’s why it’s essential to prime the coils before using the vape device. It is highly recommended that you give proper time of 10 minutes to your coils so they can absorb vape liquid completely.

Elevates the Flavour Intensity:

The flavour is a crucial element in vaping because it gives taste to your vape. If the flavour is comprised, then there’s nothing much left to vape. So to keep your vaping fine, you need to ensure that the flavour you’re using is good. 

Once you have prevented your vape e-juice and coil from overheating, there is significantly less possibility that you will experience a roasted and ruined flavour. One of the best ways you can ensure liquid safety is by making your coils ready before use. Additionally, you are unable to prime the wicks while using disposable vapes as they are not modifiable available at the online vape shop.

Bottom Line:

You might be thinking that why do you need to prepare your vape coil, or what is the advantage of that? The answer is simple, priming your vape coil has several benefits, such as minimising the chance of burning your e-liquid and getting burnt hit, etc. So hopefully, next time you think about the purpose of priming the coils before using the device, you might come back to this blog for guidance.

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