Carole Ann Boone

Nothing is more painful than being in love with the wrong person. The woman we are talking
about has no regrets about loving the wrong person. Her name is Carole Ann Boone, the unfortunate woman who fell in love with Kidnapper, rapist, serial killer “Ted Bundy”. He was the most
infamous in American history. He was accused to terrorize 30 women.

Carole Ann Boone is the woman who fell in love with Ted Bundy and gave birth to his child
while he was on death row.

To your surprise, even though this was known by the lady, named Carole Ann Boone, still she married this man. Soon Carole Ann Boone conceived a baby.

Early Life of Carole

There is no information about her early childhood. So we don’t know where she was born and
studied in early childhood. Maybe she has hidden the information purposely.

Her job

She was working Washington State Emergency Department in 1974. She got a tag of “Lusty
tempered free spirit at the office. Her personal life was disturbed. Even she was smart and
genius. He was known for making bold decisions.

She was a competent person

He was full of life. Doing bizarre things at the office which included silly games. Such as
starting a rubber band fight with colleagues.

Their first meeting

Some sources say that they first met when Carole’s uncle died. Soon they became closer to each
other. While other sources say they met at the Washington State Of Emergency Department.
Ironically, the man was helping to find the missing women for which he was responsible.
Anyway it happened, it ended up in a shameless affair at the office.

Why Bundy was irresistible to women

Women around him told him that he has a certain attraction. He was very friendly towards
women. Always ready to help. He had known all the tactics to remain closer to women. He knew
how to catch the attention of women. He remained distant from women he liked and didn’t want
to kill. Carole Ann Boone was so blindly in love with this man. The bond grew stronger and stronger.

Why He Was Attractive to Carole

Carole was newly divorced at that time. She was in an affair with a man she would call a “large
unpleasant man”. She was using all of her energies to raising her only child named Jamey.
So it was natural for her to get attracted to such a man who was giving attention to her.
Mostly, we make an unexplainable decisions in our darker days. Because people's priority is to
get out of such relationships. That’s why they can fall for people very easily. The same was true
for Carole Ann Boone as well.

Bundy had a charismatic personality. When Carole knew about liking Bundy for her, she
instantly fell for him. Bundy was apprehended in Utah.
He was a serial killer who murdered many women including a young girl. He made two daring
escapes from the prison with the alleged help of his girlfriend Carole.

After he escaped from prison, the man killed three more people. Finally, he was recaptured in
Florid. After his capture, Boon moved to Florida to be closer to Bundy. She made frequent visits
to the prison. They even managed to have a private time and later she conceived a baby girl.
She then stopped visiting him after some time as she found the prison atmosphere was disturbing
her daughter. After this incident, they lived with probably new identities.

Some information about Bundy

Bundy’s full name was Theodore Robert Bundy. He was born in November 1946 in Burlington
Vermont, the USA. It is unknown how and why he started killing people.
He was DES, during this period Bundy was in a relationship with a woman named Elizabeth
Kloepfer, he met her in the last of 1969 in the city of Utah.

When he started working at DES, Boon found him very charming and charismatic. She found
him very dignified and personated. She immediately fell in love with him. She once stated that
Bundy himself asked her to go on a date.
Their relationship was like friendship at first which later on became an affair. It became a
shameless office affair.

After this Bundy was found suspect in many unsolved murder cases. Later investigation made it
clear that Bundy was the murderer of all these people.
He was then captured and escaped from the prison. Unfortunately, this resulted in him killing
three more people. He was recaptured and remained in the prison after that.
He faced a trial. Surprisingly, Boon and Bundy became closer to each other during this trial in
1979. They were exchanging letters during this time.

Their Marriage

They got married during Bundy’s trial. He first wanted to take permission which was not
granted. They used an obscure law in the legal books. Later they got married in front of the
presiding judge. It all happened before one day of his death sentence.

Where is their daughter now?

Boon gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Rose Bundy. Rose was born in October 1982.
As can happen with any child, their daughter also made effort to nullify the effect of her parents
on her life. She somehow managed to be a normal healthy-minded child. She is living a normal
life. It affected her life being a child of a serial killer and her mother was too associated with
him. She probably helped him. She used to through tantrums whenever she met her father. As a
result, her mother stopped visiting the prison.
She is still 38 years old now. He has three children. She had to live her life away from the public
due to her father's history.

Boon in Literature

She is mentioned in literature with Bundy’s name. She is portrayed in many movies. A movie is
coming at Bundy’s story. The movie's name is “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”.
Carole Ann Boone is a woman who loved a serial killer and even in many instances she felt he
was innocent.

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