Beginner’s guide to Cycling

Physical activity is essential to maintain a good physique and body. Various lifestyle disorders and heart diseases can be prevented if we keep ourselves regularly active. Though exercise has numerous health benefits, we often fail to do it on account of our busy, corporate lifestyle.

In such a scenario, cycling can be a low-impact activity that may fulfill the daily requirement for exercise. It is safe and can help protect you from various ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. Cycling regularly is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It is seen that cycling increases your muscle strength and stamina within a month.

Doctors are also suggesting that cycling should be the preferred mode of transport over driving. In addition to its numerous health benefits, it is safe for the environment too.

Getting started with cycling

Studies have revealed that cycling for only two to five hours a week can bring about a great change in your health. As fun as it looks, learning to cycle is a challenging task. While pro workout cyclists are confident and fast, beginners might be a little intimidated. From purchasing the right bike to following safety rules can be a concern. However, once you get the hang of it, it will be fun and thrilling. 

While getting started with cycling, one should keep in mind the safety precautions and maintenance requirements. 

In the beginning, you can get yourself a coach to learn the basics. As cycling is easy to learn, it will not consume much time and energy. And once learned, it is seldom forgotten.

Purchasing the right bike 

The market is flooded with bikes. They are designed according to the terrain they are used on. If you are an adult, looking for new and old bikes for sale, you have landed in the right place. Here, we have sorted out a plethora of bike options to get you started with cycling.

Road bikes

You are in sole control of the intensity of the cycling you want to perform. A road bike can accompany you on a low-intensity as well as high-intensity workout. They will take you as fast as your legs can go. In particular, when run on roads, these bikes are a classic. Throughout the years, the style and model haven’t changed much; they are nearly identical to those from about 50 years ago.

The idea behind purchasing a road bike should be to race and for general fitness. They are affordable and well suited for amateur riders. 

Mountain Bikes

As the name suggests, mountain bikes are made for rough terrain. If you are willing for an adrenal rush in your body, start mountain biking. These bikes are robust and made with tyres that provide grip on the roughest of surfaces. They also feature strong brakes in the center of the wheels, with automobile or motorcycle-style discs, and suspensions. While these bikes are great for mountain expeditions, they can also be used for leisure riding. 

Hybrid bikes

If you plan to ride on roads and tackle mountain ranges as well, you should go with a hybrid bike. A hybrid bike features the comfort of a road bike and the power of a mountain bike. Designed for multipurpose use, this bike is a popular choice among cyclists.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, which are powered by a strong motor, are ideal for commuters who want to arrive at work in a less sweaty state or who are unsure of their fitness. Owing to flat bars, mudguards, and baggage capacity, most e-bikes are intended to be comfortable and easy to use. As technology advances, both prices and weights are decreasing, and some varieties are budget-friendly. You can avail yourself of an electric bike at a dirt cheap price off the market.

City bikes 

In flat areas, a Dutch-style city or town bike provides excellent short-range riding. The upright riding position of the bike provides you with a commanding view of the road. However, the biggest disadvantage is that they are sometimes fairly heavy, and while the riding position is pleasant, it is not meant to tackle steep slopes. Typical city bikes are very durable and can be purchased at reasonable prices. 

Tips for the maintenance of your newly purchased bike

As an amateur rider, you should keep in mind certain tips to keep your bike in perfect condition.

  • Clean your bikes thoroughly. Shallow sponging will not clean the dirt out of it. Use cleaners to remove the sand and dirt from the spokes and chains.
  • Make sure the tyres are properly inflated. Over-inflated tyres are more likely to rupture, whereas under-inflated tyres are more likely to puncture.
  • Disc brakes are common on most modern bicycles. As a result, make sure that the brake lines are in good working order and worn brake pads are replaced.
  • After prolonged use, the bicycle’s wheels and spokes tend to bend and wobble even on straight roads. Take the bike to your neighborhood mechanic if any such signs appear.
  • The most important step to keeping your bike in good form is lubricating its moving parts. Oil the chain so that it runs smoothly while pedaling.
  • Last but not least, take your bike on a yearly mechanic visit.

Cycling can often be a bonding exercise between friends or parents and their kids. When kids get their first bikes, they are thrilled to ride them. They ride it with their friends and parents and enjoy it as much as any other gaming activity.

Besides keeping us in good shape and form, cycling is very eco-friendly. It neither leaves any toxic gases in the atmosphere nor depletes natural fuels. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast or an environmentalist, it is time to replace your cars with bikes! 

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