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Real estate property investment is a mindful and significant decision for every individual, and investment takes a considerable amount of money and extensive research for a long-term profit. The hunt for investing in properties in India is never-ending, and there are essential factors to look into while stepping on the ladder for property investment. MYRE Capital helps you select the best properties for increasing your investment value ten-fold.  

Investing in real estate property takes a lot of time and patience for a suitable catch. Listed below are 10 things to remember while investing in properties in India:

  • Location of the property:

The most crucial part while investing in any property is location. The main thing to consider is whether you want to invest in the city’s central location, Suburbs, or serene distanced areas. A 10-year vision of price, property value, and surroundings shall be in place to gain maximum benefit out of your investment. 

  • Budget and finances:

Finances shall be in place if one is considering the investment in properties. The potential for stable and steady earnings shall be in place, and a backup plan for paying the property debts is essential. One needs to choose a proper loan structure, repayment period, and budgeting for the type of property you are willing to choose. 

  • Type of property: 

For a good investment is of utmost importance to decide the type of property that suits your need and purpose of investment. A newly constructed or existing property that suits your amenity needs is essential, and the type of property you choose should be a good fit for your budget.

 Purpose of investment:

Considering the low liquidity factor, your property must suit your purpose. It could be for future self-use, Lease and rent purposes, Buying and selling for short-term or long-term monetary needs. You also need to consider whether your investment property is for residential or commercial purposes. 

 Background verification of property and seller:

There can be multiple issues during a property purchase, and therefore a precise verification of property and its title deeds documents must be in place. The seller or real estate agency through whom one is buying property shall be verified and trustworthy. 

  •  Clear documentation:

The title deed documents shall be clear, and a legal expert shall properly verify all documents to rule out causes of fraud and violation of rules and regulations. The completion certificate, Occupancy Certificate, RERA Certificate, and all other documents need to be in place before considering any investment.

  •  Expected return on investment:

If you plan to invest in property for investment purposes, the most crucial factor is returns on investment. A due financial analysis shall be in place to meet the future need, and determining the expected rate of return on your investment is a key factor for successful investment. 

  •  Expected property value:

The main thing to consider while investing in properties is the property value and estimated property pricing after years for long-term gains. The property’s market value shall be good enough to meet long-term expectations. 

  •  Market Dynamics:

While investing in the real estate sector, you need to make sure that you meet the market dynamic at par for better loan options and tax savings. There are numerous government options and schemes available for reduced stamp duty.

  •  Market research:

Thorough market research is the need of the hour and, therefore, very crucial from buyers’ perspectives. The real estate market is constantly fluctuating and a need for proper investment at the right time is essential. Consulting a professional will also help in diverse market research for your perfect property. 

An in-depth understanding of property investment is essential before making a final decision. Real estate is a significant catch for individuals looking for diversification of portfolios. MYRE Capital remains one of the best dealers that help you with investing in properties in India.




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