Get Research Paper Indexed In International Citation Databases

As an academic writer, your passion will be writing research papers. For writing a research paper, you will select a topic. Later on, you will access a wide range of sources for collecting relevant data about your topic. You will design research questions. Apart from this, you will explain the significance of your research to your readers.

You will also decide on the research methodology for solving the research problem. This way, you will meet your research goals, and in the end, you will conclude your work. Working on all these aspects will help you produce a good piece of writing.

There are several other things you should keep in mind while writing your research. You should make sure to complete it with utmost care and attention. You should follow research guidelines and avoid plagiarism. It will help you to enhance the credibility of your research work.

After completing your work, you can get it indexed in international citation databases. It will be a big achievement if your paper gets indexed in the international database. You should follow several steps if you want to achieve this goal. This article aims to discuss those steps. So, let’s discuss those steps in detail:

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Search for a Journal:

It is the first step if you want to get your research paper indexed in an international database. You should make sure to select the right database for your paper. Make sure to choose a journal related to your research field. You can search for them with the help of the internet. Apart from this, you can get help from your professors and colleagues.

This way, you will get to know several journals related to your field. Later on, you can read about them and how they publish work. You can also read about publication requirements. So, by doing research, you will get to know the most suitable journal for publication.

Prepare for Submission:

Once you choose the journal for your paper, you should download its publication guide. You should read this publication guide as it will guide you regarding publication. You should follow those guidelines when you are preparing your research paper.

It will also guide you about the publication process. Apart from this, it will guide you about author’s rights and plagiarism. Following this guide will help you prepare for your research paper submission.

Submission and Revision:

It is the next important tip for getting your paper indexed in an international database. You can submit your research paper using the online submission system. You should choose the system based on your research. Further, you can even search for the relevant submissions using the same system.

After submission, the editor will check your paper. After passing the initial stage of screening, experts will peer-review your paper. Later on, they will select it for publication. The editor can even ask you to revise your work if needed. Apart from this, you should consider several other aspects.

You should prepare yourself for sharing your research data. You should make sure that your research work and findings are accurate. The editor might ask you to provide proofs to check the credibility of your work.

He will also inform you regarding copyrights and licensing. If you get stuck at the revision steps then you can seek research paper writing help from the expert writers in the UK. They will revise your paper and continue to do editing until your editor approves the paper.

Track Your Submission:

Once you have submitted your research paper for publication, you should track it. You can track your paper’s submission online. Here is another important thing you should remember. You should use the same system for tracking the paper you used for submission.

After submission, the journal will send you a tracking number. You should use this tracking number to track your submission. If the journal accepts your paper for publication, you will receive a reference number. You will also receive a direct link to your journal.

Share and Promote:

After your research paper publication, you should promote it. It will help you to achieve a bigger impact on your work. Apart from this, you should share your research in your social circle. You can share it with your friends and family. This way, a wide range of audiences will read your research work. You will make yourself more visible in your research field.


This article discussed pro-tips to submit your research paper for indexing in the international citation database. You should follow the guidelines mentioned above to achieve this goal. Apart from this, you can get professional help from writing services. They will also help you in the best way possible.

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