The Dress Code for Smartwatch Android

How you dress is a highly personal thing. It is the way people show their style and class. Variety is imperative for fashion lovers in everything including clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and even a smartwatch Android. 

To cater to the needs of every individual, Android wear also offers a wide selection of designs, styles,s, and apps to suit your needs. It lets you now express yourself in a more redefined way. It lets you add color via the strap, grace via the dial shape, and technology via its display! 

The right smartwatch Android is bound to compliment your overall dress. It would add a cool factor to it and would make your wrist the center of attention! 

Watch Faces of Smartwatch Android 

For starters, you now have access to numerous watch faces and you can choose the one that you like the most. All you have to do is check out Google Play Store, and you will find everything that you are looking for. 

You can enjoy watching faces from X-ray artistry to Despicable me. Believe us when we say that these choices are going to increase over time, as the API is available for the developers. 

You will be seeing more and more watch faces of anything and everything that is was, and will be trending in the future. 

Interchangeable Straps 

Of course, the strap of your watch needs to be in accord with the clothes you plan to wear! For smartwatch Android, you now have the option to swap the strap along with the watch face. 

For instance, for more formal wear, you can wear silicone or a leather strap and an abstract-type watch face. For a Halloween party, go with a funky-colored strap and a scary watch face. 

For wedding wear, you can always go with a gold metal style strap to ensure that it blends in well with your dress. 

Variety in Watches 

Android wearables now have grown into a big family. You can go with the Note, Optimus 2, or Tank 2 watches. These are not the only watches that you can choose from, but they sure are one of the finest.

KOSPET NOTE Smartwatch 

This is perhaps one of the best smartwatch Android that comes with a unique square dial of 2.4 inches. The full touch display using IPS technology has a screen resolution of 640 *480.  It is available in black and silver color. The watch has a powerful battery of 2000 mAh that offers an impressive standby time of 3 to 5 days and daily use of 1 to 2 days. 

To ensure smooth and seamless functionality, the watch has 3 GB RAM and it offers 32 GB ROM for storage purposes. Interestingly, it also comes with a dual camera, 2.0MP + 8.0 MP. Thus, allowing you to take great pictures. 

The Android 7.1 watch offers fast face ID unlock, along with numerous fitness tracking applications and health monitoring features. Some of the health monitoring features include tracking heart rate, blood sugar, etc.  Free online calculators 

The smartwatch Android also offers 9 different sports modes to help you keep track of your fitness. A great thing about the watch is its compatibility with a number of languages around the globe. You can enjoy the watch in English, Chinese, Russian, Ukraine, German, and several other languages. 

KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 Smartwatch 

If you are more of a round-dial person, then OPTIMUS 2 is a great smartwatch Android. The watch comes with a smart, 1.6 TFT IPS, FULL TOUCH DISPLAY screen that ensures a bright, clear, and vibrant screen. 

Available in black color, it is the best accessory to add to your formal as well as casual attire. Moreover, the watch comes with a strong battery (1260 mAH Polymer battery) that offers 1 to 2 Android mode usage and about 2 to 3 days of lite mode. 

It also offers support for smartwatch notifications. It lets you read and reply to your messages and offers numerous sports modes to help you keep yourself fit. 

Moreover, the watch is compatible with a number of languages. So, you can use it in whatever your native language is. 

Dial Shape 

Dial shape is another interesting feature of a smartwatch. Not only prefer the round one but there are also people who would go with more rugged square dial shapes. The great thing about the dial shapes is that every shape would work well with every occasion. 

You can wear a round shape to a party, or to a formal office dinner. Likewise, a round would look perfect for a wedding as well as your gym. As long as you customize the strap, and in some cases, the display image, or color, you are good to go! 

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