What You Need To Remember Before Becoming An Aged Care Provider

An aged care provider must be aware of their duties and responsibilities before offering services. Providers must understand the core details of their regulations as the information is vital to their services. 

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What Is Aged Care?

Aged care is a program that allows senior citizens of Australia to get better help for their health. They are given the choice to remain in their homes or specific nursing homes which amplify their experience. There are various benefits and services offered to the elderly, such as: 24/7 support, in-home support, daily tasks assistance, accommodation, and equipment. 

The government has shown great support to the program and has encouraged people to use the best resources for their health. It may be common to feel weaker or jittery as you grow old but with age care providers, you can see a brighter change in your life. 

What You Need To Know

The Benefits Of Being An Approved Provider:

There are countless benefits to becoming an approved aged care provider; being approved means you have the stamp of approval from the official Australian government. This is an essential aspect because it can open to several facilities that you can use to improve your standing as an aged care provider. 

An approved provider has the opportunity to access government-supported nursing homes, and residential and flexible care services to enhance their services to the elderly. Whichever provider is approved to carry on with these services has the right to a commission that the Australian government gives. There are a total of three services that a provider can offer:

  • home care 
  • residential aged care – a place for senior care participants who do not live in their homes
  • flexible care 

Your Requirements:

There are a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for you to remain eligible to offer aged care services. The eligibility requirements are varied and specific to ensure that you are able to provide such services accordingly without fail. The official Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has stated that you need to fulfil and remember to:

  • Comply with the requirements set out in Part 7A of the Commission Act
  • Understand what an approved provider’s responsibilities are by referring to the Aged Care Act
  • Deliver specific care that meets the associated Principles made under section 96-1 of the Aged Care Act, including the Aged Care Quality Standards. 

Your Application Assessment:

Before becoming an aged care provider, your application will be assessed based on the following terms:

  • You must be a corporation or organisation
  • Your key and the main team cannot include disqualified individuals
  • Your experience in providing aged care or other relevant forms of care
  • What you understand about approved provider responsibilities
  • That you have, or will have, systems ready and set to meet your responsibilities
  • That you have, or will have, sound financial management records and practices
  • Your compliance with financial obligations and other duties as a care provider, if you already are one.

Consult With Fronto Advisory

Fronto Advisory is a leading consultancy firm in Australia. With over 25 years of collective experience, they are determined to assist and guide you to the best possible business solution for your problems. As aged care consultants, they aim to help organisations and companies meet their goals in their industries. They offer a wide range of services:

  • RTO Application Registration and Consultancy
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  • CRICOS Registration
  • ACECQA Rating and Assessment Support
  • Child Care Provider Consultancy
  • Aged Care Provider Consultancy

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