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Owning an apartment in Downtown Dubai or four issues you will come across

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word «Dubai»? The answers
can differ, cannot they? Still, most of them are connected with the highest building in the world,
sparkling skyscrapers, ultimate luxury and vibrant life. These attractive visuals along with
convenient locations attract millions of potential property owners to the beating heart of the
UAE. No doubt, buying an apartments in Downtown Dubai is a perfect solution for those who
want to take benefits from the most advanced city facilities. In this article we will have a look at
one of the most popular locality, what it offers to its residents and visitors, as well as describe
four interesting peculiarities to know while living in Dubai.

Features of Downtown Dubai

Owning a property in Downtown Dubai means living in one of the most expensive and luxurious
projects in the world. The experts estimate the flagship project of Emaar Properties at US$20
billion. Particularly the Dubai Tower Burj Khalifa was designed as a "city within a city" – with
its own lawns, boulevards and parks for approximately US$1.5 billion.
The locality provides world-class commercial, shopping, residential, and entertaining
opportunities. The Dubai Mall for perfect shopping, restaurants offering any type of cuisine,
attractions for any age and interest as well as affordability of apartments for sale in Downtown
Dubai make the place a savvy solution for happy life.
However, any city has its peculiarities and interesting features, let`s look at some of them in
terms of living in Dubai.

Four peculiarities of living in Downtown Dubai

When deciding on buying property in any country, especially in Dubai, it is better to get yourself
acquainted with some informative and unusual facts about the course of life there.

1. Locals do not pay for water and electricity supply.

Approximately 15% of the overall population of the UAE are locals, the rest 85% are
newcomers. It means that the government decided to facilitate the lives of residents and establish
the consumption limits for water and electricity. If they use the resources within the established
norms, they do not have to pay for them. They are charged only for overconsumption of the
resources. At the same time those who rent apartments need to pay bills in full.

2. Downtown stands within walking distance to the longest fully automated metro.

The first fully automated metro was opened in Dubai in September 2019 and covers 74,6 km. It
is the most convenient and fast way to get wherever you want in the city. The Dubai City
Redline boasts of extremely high safety standards, excellent timeliness, and versatile options of
modern payment.

3. There are specialized licensed premises to buy alcohol.

Downtown Dubai features active nightlife, nevertheless the regulations in regard to alcohol are
strict. Muslims and people under 21 are not allowed to buy alcohol. Hard drinks can be bought
and consumed only in some licensed establishments. Let's especially mention the holy month of
Ramadan for all Muslims. It does not matter if you are a Muslim or not, during this fasting it is
forbidden to drink or smoke in public for everyone without exception. But even if no one will
prosecute you for trying to get drunk in seclusion during this period, no one will simply sell you
alcohol in stores and bars.

4. Downtown homes the world`s biggest Dubai Mall.

As shopping is a significant part of the lives of every Dubai resident, the impressive Dubai Mall
was built. The total area of the center is more than 1.2 million square meters, the retail area is
350,244 square meters. According to the statistics on the official website, the mall welcomes
more than 100 million visitors annually. It consists of more than 1200 shops, a thematic Sega
park of 7200 square meters, famous Gold Souk, a range of luxurious brands, cinemas, skating
rink, and lots of other unbelievable options.

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