A Complete Guideline of Legal Regulations That Trucking Companies and Drivers Must Follow

Trucking Companies is becoming huge day by day. It is demanding work, but some legal regulations are related to trucking. Every trucking company, new and old, needs to follow those regulations strictly. It is not only for the safety of your truck drivers but also important to save you from any financial losses. BOC 3 requirements must be followed by companies to function legally and maintain their operations.

Trucking companies must submit BOC 3 forms to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. BOC 3 process agent is the person who is allowed to receive legal documents on your behalf. Yes, it looks like a lot to handle but don’t worry, we have covered you.

What is CDLA, and why is it important to have?

CDLA stands for Commercial Driving License, a must-have if you operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). To drive a CMV, you need to acquire a greater level of skills in driving, good experience, and some crucial skills. One must pass a written knowledge-based and physical test to acquire a Commercial Driving License.

What are some important safety regulations to follow?

There is a driving limit of 11 hours for product-carrying drivers, while for passenger-carrying drivers, the limit is 10 hours. Drivers must take 30 minutes to break every 8 hours of consecutive drive. Making sure that your drivers are getting good sleep hours is mentioned by FMCSA.

You can contact them or visit the FMCSA website to get safety regulations. It is important for the health of drivers and to prevent any accidents. Also, get in touch with the other safety regulations provided by FMCSA to ensure the safest road trips for your passengers and your product deliveries.

Why does your trucking company need to be fully registered?

There is no doubt that trucking is getting huge day by day, but it requires several precautions, so you need several documentation and registrations. Registering your company is important, but it is a lengthy process. You can easily get through the process with the right knowledge and understanding. Your company must operate without any issues.

Why do you need to file a BOC 3 form?

You must file a BOC 3 form with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to get your legal representative. Getting your representative from different states to manage legal operations on your behalf is advised.  To receive your complaints from other states, you need to get an attorney and for that, you must submit your BOC 3 form to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What are DOT numbers and Motor carrier numbers?

These numbers are an absolute requirement for your company. You need to get your DOT numbers to help monitor your company’s safety measures and related records. It will show if your company’s safety measures follow legal demands. Motor carrier number shows the kind of work you are doing in the trucking business, the things you are dealing with and are allowed to carry.

To get these numbers for your company, you need to register your company with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There is a whole process to it. You should first register as a state business and apply to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to get your DOT and Motor Carrier numbers. It is a long process that could take ten to twenty days.

What is Unified Carrier Registration?

Unified Carrier registration or UCR system is a state-based system. It incorporates active insurance coverage, and you can get your UCR from your state. It would help if you used your US.DOT number and Motor Carrier number to get your UCR.

What is an International Registration Plan, and why is it important?

An International Registration Plan tag is important if you want to work in different states of America and some Canadian states. You can get your International Registration Plan tag from the state where your business is registered.

What is a 2290 tax form?

Trucking Companies You need to submit this form to pay taxes if your truck weighs 55,000 or more pounds. You need to submit the 2290 form with your IRS. It means there are rules for heavy weighing trucks, and you must pay related taxes regularly.

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