What are the Effects of Technology – Philosophically Speaking

There are many questions we, as humans, can ask – so many strange and interesting concepts for us to understand as a species. However, none is possibly more captivating to the imagination than technology. The world we live in now is more advanced than ever before. And it isn’t slowing down! Every year we have newer and more sophisticated technology development. It is taking us closer to a  destination we don’t fully understand. But what does all this tech mean for humankind? Is it a good thing or not? What are the possible outcomes? And can we take a philosophical look at the progress we’ve made?

As a philosophy essay writing service, we want students to think out of the box. After all, the subject isn’t an easy one. Your journey into the field can have you writing an essay on the Philosophy of Technology. But maybe you are already struggling with essay topics. Well, whatever the case. We’re looking at basic philosophical questions students can find themselves often struggling with.

So, let’s dive deeper into our relationship with technology, answering whether the effects are a net benefit or net negative.

Why the Effect of Technology Matters – Research by a Philosophy Essay Writing Service

Technology integration seems inevitable while we inch our way closer to the future. After all, we already rely on it every day. For example, everything you use is some form of technology. Your phone or laptop, or even simply just your fridge – it is all tech. However, we’re left wondering about the impact of the booming and in the 21st century.

The trend is relatively recent. Before the 1970s, humanity did not have access to the same technology today. As a result, progress was slow. But consider everything we’ve accomplished now, from outer space travel to AI robots. All our strides toward technological progress have been within the last century, right? Whether you’re tracking the progress through or perhaps other linear, exponential growth factors, we can see the difference. Everything from how many transistors we pack on circuits to the computational power says we’re in new territory as humans. Even the non-linear factors of technological growth indicate this change.

We’ve seen tremendous development in human flight progress and genome sequencing. And we can see the change or decrease in costs that go hand in hand with progress. In addition, even the quality of goods and services are improving, the prices are decreasing, and diseases are vanishing. Similarly, cameras are getting better, maintaining computers is easier, and everyone benefits from economies of scale. But let’s focus on:

Answering the Question

In the end, this leaves us pondering what we asked above. Is there an impact? The relative exponential growth trends mean we cannot understand the complete aftermath. It’s too early, and there are too many changes to track. Therefore, many fear a negative outcome of the progress. After all, even students face trouble due to technology despite its benefits.

However, we recommend individuals take a step back and look at the big picture to understand the overall impact. To help, we’ve got a list below of some ways technology affects us all.

Tech Negatives and Positives Our Philosophy Essay Writing Service Has Identified

Let’s begin with both the bad and good. Technology has quite a few negatives as everything progresses rapidly. It’s easy to identify a few of the common problems. For example, mental and medical impacts due to the overuse of digital tech. On the other hand, technology also provides us with many positives, like global communication and educational help. However, students can face many ethical questions in analyzing the topic. Therefore, to provide perspective, here are some net negatives and positives of technology.

1.      Health and Healthcare

The first is possibly the easiest to analyze. Technological progress is making our lives easier. But it has also opened the door for many health concerns. For example, the overuse of phones and computers and its implications leading to poor mental or physical health. Of course, we are all aware of these issues. As a student, I’m sure you can agree with sitting too long at a computer and not exercising enough.

Of course, this is a major concern for us as we integrate technology at an ever-increasing rate. We can ask many questions as a result. For example, will we be unhealthier in the future? And what does this mean for the future generations undoubtedly relying more on tech?

However, despite the questions, we also see several to global healthcare. Even with population health concerns, our systems are now better than ever before. We can now reduce human errors, improve clinical outcomes, track data, etc. And with technology like automated IV pumps, electronic health records, and wearable devices, we will only help more people.

2.      Education and Communication

Technology is a very good thing for education and communication. We can attend online classes, speak to people worldwide, and even access any information we need. The internet is marvelous. But at the same time, it’s also impacting us negatively.

Yes, technology is undoubtedly affecting the learning and social aspects of life. Unfortunately, many students depend too much on tech or face internet addiction. Our kids are playing too many video games. And we all spend a little too much time on our phones. Despite technology providing us with entertainment and learning tools, like our philosophy essay writing service, it also results in less interaction with people and lower grades. As a result, we live in more isolation. So, where does this path take us?

3.      AI and Automation

Things will speed up as we create more powerful computers and improve our technology. We’re already making progress with AI tools and automated services at an incredible rate. Artificial intelligence is helping us manage smaller things. And freeing up time for areas requiring more human focus. In addition, we maximize our production with complex automation systems and machines. However, we have a few vital questions despite the beneficial aspects.

Automation is replacing human workers. So, how will that impact the future industries adopting such technology? Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is even more troubling. Will it surpass us? Is it going to be sentient? And how will that affect humans?

After all, AI has its problems as it cannot understand human analytical skills. For example, an AI self-driving car cannot judge and make decisions a real driver can. So, we may see many errors because artificial intelligence uses a trial and error learning method.

The Outlook

In the end, you need to take a step back as a student and analyze technology’s impact. These are just a few examples. Yes, many good technological advancements benefit humanity. However, there are still many problems to resolve. Therefore, understanding the individual issues is the only way forward. Our philosophy essay writing service hopes students will be inspired to learn more about different philosophical topics. The subject is massive, and it’s important to learn as much as you can. So, keep working hard and let your philosophical journey lead you to wisdom

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