What Are the Long Term Effects and Benefits of Disposable Vapes?

Vape has become popular in recent years and youth is very inclined towards consuming nicotine this way. It was introduced as an alternative to cigarettes. Now disposable vapes have also been introduced in the market. Disposable vape is a small and non-rechargeable device that is filled with e-liquids containing nicotine and some other chemicals. They have a number of puffs per device and cannot be refilled once they are empty.

 Many brands are producing vapes of different varieties i.e. flavors like chocolate, strawberry, espressos, vanilla, number of puffs, etc. Aroma king is the UK based brand that offers puffs up to 700 in 9 different flavors. People inhale vape to fulfill their desire to consume nicotine. It is very important to make them aware of the facts about vapes.

Long-Term Effects of Vape

Some people think that e-cigarette aka vapes are not dangerous but the fact is they are not good for your health. Though they have a somewhat lesser damage rate, it still harms your body.

  •   Causes Heart Attacks

Nicotine is a toxic chemical that causes high blood pressure. High flow of blood increases the heart rate that becomes the reason for heart attack. According to research, vape smokers have higher chances of heart attack due to the inhaling of unhealthy vapors.

  •   Asthma and Lung Diseases

Vape is still a smoking device that disturbs the airflow in the human body. Chemical vapors present in vape damage the respiratory system and cause breathing problems like asthma.

Inhaling chemicals through vape expose the lungs to pollutants. Our lungs have a natural ability to purify themselves from pollution. Vapors damage the ability of lungs to clear itself naturally. As a result, lungs get infected easily and attract more disease.

  •   Damage Immunity

Immunity is a defensive system for the human body that fights against diseases. Nicotine is a reason to disable important immune cells and cause internal inflammation. Poor immunity means your body can not resist the germs that can damage your health.

  •   Highly Addictive

Nicotine itself is not as toxic as it becomes after combining with other chemicals found in vapes. The dangerous thing is it’s highly addictive nature. People who become addicted cannot resist it for a long time. They feel restless and start having mood disorders, lower impulse control, short memory and learning span. It influences brain functioning.

Benefits of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are not safe but in comparison with traditional cigarettes, they cause less damage. Here are some benefits of disposable vapes as compared to cigarettes.

  •   No Smell

One of the best advantages of using vape is that it is odorless, meaning that you don’t have to annoy others while consuming it.  Smoking cigarettes causes the smell and makes you feel bad among people. Disposable vape resolved the problem as they do not have any kind of smell or only flavored smell is there.

  •   Easy to use

Like chargeable vapes, you don’t need to worry about charging, refilling, lightening, changing coils, cleaning etc. when using disposable vapes. They are easy to consume and free from maintenance issues.

Moreover, they are small in size, which makes them portable and easy to carry. You no longer need to carry lighters or chargers for using vapes on the way. Just open it and start inhaling.

  • Environmental Friendly

Disposable vapes are environmentally friendly as they can be recycled, don’t have a bad smell. They cause less waste and better public image. Once they get empty, they are discarded. After that, companies collect the waste and reintroduce them after recycling.

  •   Affordable

As compared to cigarettes or traditional vapes, disposable ones are cheaper in cost. Once you purchase a vapes, you don’t need to spend money until you consume all the puffs.

There are several brands selling disposable vapes so choosing one is hard.  Aroma King is a credible brand selling vapes in the UK. One of their best products is the Aroma King 700 Puffs Disposable Pod Device . It’s a disposable vape that offers 700 Puffs per single device. Smoking is injurious to health. People who are heavy smokers and cannot skip smoking, choose vapes. When there is no option left, it’s better to go for a less dangerous path. 

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