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Fullname            Stacey Park Milbern

Nickname           Stacey Milbern

Date of birth      May 19, 1987

Birthplace          Seoul, South Korea

Died      May 19, 2020 (aged 33), Stanford, California

Profession          Disability rights activist

Nationality         American

Years active        2003-2020

Educational Qualifications           Graduated from Methodist University in 2009

Husband Name NA

Parents Name   Father’s name- NA, Mother’s name- NA

Religion Cristian

Reason of Death              Due to surgical complications

Salary   NA

Net Worth 2022              NA

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Stacey Park Milbern Biography

The biography of Stacey Park Milbern begins with her birth at the U.S. Military Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, on May 19, 1987. Stacey Milbern is another name for her. Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was her home as a child.

The American Army was her father’s occupation.

1987 was a popular year for her as a disability activist in America.

Her work in the disability justice movement in America and her efforts to help people with disabilities get affordable treatment are noteworthy.

Regarding her parents, I would say that her father was a Korean and her mother was an American.

Despite relying on her family as guardians as a child, when she became eccentric, she dreaded the judgment of her fervent Christian guardians and sought to leave. She needed help every day eating, resting, and going to the bathroom, which made this situation worse.

Milbern began serving in influential capacities as a 16-year-old, including as the National Youth Leadership Network’s Community Outreach Director.

To engage youth with disabilities in promotion and leadership, she founded the North Carolina Youth Leadership Forum.

During her tenure on the Statewide Independent Living Council from 2004 to 2010, she was appointed to the North Carolina Commission for the Blind by the Governor of North Carolina.

As a result of her contributions, North Carolina declared October “Handicap History Awareness Month” in 2007 and required all schools to offer disability history education. In 2005, Milbern contributed to handicap equity development by discussing disability issues with other eccentric women of variety.

In 2009, Milbern left Methodist University.

Early life and education

Milbern graduated from Methodist University in 2009 with a degree in disability justice. She co-founded the disability justice movement and advocated for marginalized communities her whole life as a queer, Korean-American disability justice activist.

Art Twink, a San Francisco-based guest artist, illustrated today’s Doodle in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which falls on the 35th birthday of Stacey Park Milbern.

The Korean-born Milbern was born in Seoul in 1987. As a 16-year-old, she became a disability justice leader in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In 2005, she teamed up with other activists to develop disability justice. This framework focused on ensuring that traditionally marginalized groups within the disabled community aren’t left out of the fight for disability rights. She noticed an inadequate advocacy program for disabled LGBTQ+ and people of color.

She moved to the Bay Area, California, when she was 24 and spent many years organizing, writing, and speaking for the movement, as well as becoming Director of Programs at the Center for Independent Living. Milbern served as an adviser to the National Administration on People with Intellectual Disabilities in 2014.

Salary and net worth 2022

Stacey Park Milbern’s net worth and salary are always in the news, but there are no updates on her net worth and salary.

Her net worth is no longer available since she is no longer alive.

Boyfriend & Dating

Are Stacey Park Milbern and her boyfriend dating? It was her gay identity that shaped Stacey’s life. She avoided romantic relationships due to her physical impairment. As a result of her desire to avoid relationships with same-gender people, Stacey Park Milbern avoids relationships with them. Throughout her life, Stacey has fought for the rights of those with physical disabilities.


Since the age of 16, Stacey has advocated for disability rights and disability justice. North Carolina Youth Leadership Forum as well as the Disabled Young People’s Collective were founded by her. By 2007, she had been instrumental in the development and introduction of legislation relating to education and the inclusion of disability history in all schools. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in her 24th year, she concentrated her efforts on advocating for handicapped people’s rights.

The Center for Independent Living has appointed Stacey Park Milbern as its director. In 2014, she was appointed President of the Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities by former US President Barack Obama. Working with Barack Obama for two years was a rewarding experience for her.

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