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Model turned actress missy peregrym hails from Canada. Additionally, she has appeared in Black Sash, Reaper, Heroes, The Chris Isaak Show, Dark Angel, and Heroes. A number of companies have featured her modeling work, including Mercedes-Benz, Sprint Canada, and the Olympics. In addition to ‘Stick It’, ‘Backcountry’, ‘Something Red’, and ‘Wide Awake’, Missy has starred in an extensive list of films. She excelled in all of them due to who she is as a talented actress. Missy’s heart is not small. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in philanthropic events. An association of hers is dedicated to making affordable, safe footwear for South American societies. Streamy Awards for Best Actress have been given to the winner of this year’s Leo Awards.

Childhood & Early Life

On June 16, 1982, Missy Peregrym was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Melissa Peregrym. A housewife and a minister, Vanessa Peregrym brought up her and her two sisters.

After living in Montreal for some time, the family moved to Surrey, British Columbia. She graduated from Fleetwood Park Secondary School with a secondary education. Los Angeles was where she spent part of her youth.

It was Missy’s passion for sports and games that led her to love basketball and soccer. During her high school years, she coached the girls’ basketball team.

As a student and college student, Missy enjoyed snowboarding as well. As a 2004 graduate of Aurora College, she earned a bachelor’s degree.

She has always been a self-declared tomboy and has not been a fashion or glamour girl. Missy became a model at the age of 18.

Eventually, she became an accomplished Canadian actress and model, gaining international attention in her native land.

The LizBell Agency launched Missy’s modeling career. She was then encouraged to do more advertisements and commercials by her agency. The Olympic Games, Mercedes-Benz Canada, and Sprint Canada eventually hired her as a model.

missy peregrym Career

‘Dark Angel’, a Canadian TV sitcom, marked Missy’s debut as an actress in 2000. In addition to ‘Andromeda’, ‘Life As We Know It’, ‘Tru Calling’, ‘Smallville’, ‘Jake 2.0’, ‘Black Sash’, and ‘The Chris Isaak Show’, she has appeared on a number of television shows as a guest star.

Her first lead role came in the 2006 released film, Stick It, after an uncredited role in the 2004 superhero movie Catwoman. She starred in ‘Life as We Know It’ from 2004 to 2005 and in ‘Heroes’ from 2005 to 2006.

The CW sitcom “Reaper” was her first role on television, which she played from 2007 to 2009.

She distributed safe footwear to underprivileged communities in South America as part of her philanthropic activities in 2006.

‘Rookie Blue’, a popular Canadian television sitcom, was her next leading role. From 2010 to present, Missy has been portraying the same character for a long time. ‘Cybergeddon’, an online sitcom produced by Yahoo, cast her as lead character Chloe Jocelyn in 2010.

In 2014, Adam MacDonald’s horror film Backcountry released with the actress as Jenn. Also in 2013, the accomplished actress appeared in ‘The Proposal’ and ‘Something Red’ as Sara & Amy in short films.

She was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for her performance in ‘Rookie Blue’. The award, however, went to Tatiana Maslany, a contemporary.

Television Works

The television series Dark Angel was shot in Vancouver, where Missy began her acting career. The futuristic science fiction series revolves around a genetically modified soldier. In spite of the much-hyped expectations, the show was successful when it first aired on October 3, 2000.

There is a television series based on the life of American rocker Chris Isaak called The Chris Isaak Show. Missy appeared in the episode titled ‘Gimme Shelter’ that ran between March 12, 2001 and March 25, 2004.

Missy appeared in 8 episodes of Black Sash as Tory Stratton. The series, which premiered on March 30, failed to find an audience.

A made-for-television film about the life of a high profile prostitute named Heidi Fleiss, Missy starred as Tina in the film. March 29, 2004 marked the release of the film.

Between October 7, 2004 and January 20, 2005, this American sitcom aired. A novel called ‘Doing It’ was adapted for the film. Over the course of 13 episodes, Missy played a soccer player named Jackie Bradford.

A notable work of Missy’s is the thriller series Heroes. Candice Wilmer was the character she played. A total of four seasons were aired after the series premiered on September 25, 2006.

This paranormal comic series featured Missy in the role of Andi Prendergast. A total of ten episodes were broadcast between September 25, 2007 and May 26, 2009.

Throughout this six-season crime drama, Missy played Andy McNally. A total of 39 episodes were aired between June 24, 2010 and July 29, 2015.


In this superhero movie, Missy made her film debut, but she wasn’t credited with any roles.

As a rebellious gymnast, Missy played the lead in Stick It. A majority of critics gave the film a positive review when it was released on April 28, 2006.

Achievements & Awards

“Cybergeddon” won Missy the Streamy Award in the drama category (2013).

Distinguished Acting Achievement Award (2016) – Missy received this award.

missy peregrym Personal Life

In 2012, it was rumored that Missy Peregrym was bisexual and involved with actress Rachel Skarsten. However, on June 16, 2014, in Maui, Hawaii, she married Zachary Levi Pugh, proving it wrong.

A divorce petition was filed by her later in 2015. Prior to marrying Zachary, she was in a relationship with Brandon Countee from 2005 to 2006.

Later on in 2007, the stunning actress began dating US football quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. They broke up in 2008 after being together for several years.

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