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Indian Visa on Arrival And Indian Visa Application Process

India Visa Application Processing


Holders of Indian passports can avail the visa benefits offered by many countries around the world. Although most of these countries offer visas on arrival for Indian passport holders, permits, e-visas, invitations, etc. may be required to enter certain counties. However, these are the countries you can visit without applying for a visa before traveling

Indian Visa on Arrival

Indian Visa on Arrival is a new electronic visa that allows potential visitors to apply for a visa without having to go to an Indian embassy. Indian Tourist Visa, Indian Business Visa, and Indian Medical Visa are now available online. When the Government of India has just started revising its visa policy, it has introduced a new Indian Visa (EVISA India) called Electronic Indian Tourist e-Visa on Arrival (Visa India Tourist) which allows citizens of very few countries to apply. Online India Visa on Arrival if they plan to visit the country as a tourist for sightseeing and entertainment purposes. But after a complete overhaul of the Indian visa policy, the Indian Visa on Arrival 2015 has been extended for business and medical treatment of visitors to India as well as for Indian business e-visa and Indian medical e-visa. This new Indian Visa on Arrival or Indian e-Visa, as it is otherwise known, can be applied for online, it is available in many more countries, and is the easiest and most convenient way to go to India. You can apply online for a new Visa on Arrival or an Indian e-Visa for India. You do not need to go to your local Indian Embassy to get it.

If you meet all the requirements of an Indian Visa on Arrival or Indian e-Visa and fulfill all the eligibility conditions for it and also have the required documents for the type of Indian Visa on Arrival or Indian e-Visa you are applying for. You will be able to apply for an Indian visa very easily whose Indian e-visa application form is quite simple and straightforward. You will not find any difficulty in applying for and getting an Indian visa. However, if you have further doubts about the procedure and need any help or further clarification, you should visit the e-Visa India Help Desk for support and guidance.

If you are coming for documentation and need guidance, the requirements of the Indian e-Visa document cover it in detail.

India Visa Application Processing

Application – To start your Indian Visa Application Process, you need to complete the application. Here are some important forms and pieces of information you have to complete the sign-up process The few forms you will need to apply for an Indian visa are a valid passport, a photo of yourself, a photo of a personal data page, details of your travel plans in India and a valid payment method such as a credit card.

Payment of Fees – Before you apply for your visa to India, you will need to pay an application fee for submitting the form online. After you pay the application fee, your profile will be submitted to our agents for review. During the review, our team will look at all the details of your application to make sure all the information presented is correct.

Review – Once your visa application has been reviewed by your team, it will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further review and approval. The process usually takes 1-3 days to get feedback from Indian officials. If there is a problem with your application, we will email you the next steps required to complete your application. If your application is approved, we will send you an email with details on how to obtain your visa.

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