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Do you need India visa applications online

Do I need a visa to India?

All tourist and business travelers, including those of British or Irish nationality, must apply for an Indian visa before departure. The same is true of travelers with citizenship in other European countries, such as France or Switzerland. Children also need their own visas. For many years, there has been no need to go to the consulate or embassy to apply for a visa. Applications can be made entirely online and will be sent via email once approved. You just have to print it out and take it with you on your trip. 

What kind of visa do I need? 

If you are traveling to India for a holiday or business trip, you can use an electronic visa. This so-called “e-Visa India” has the lowest cost and the fastest processing time. Tourists can use the “e-tourist” option, while business travelers can use the “e-business” option. Both e-visas can be applied through the same online application form. You can submit an Indian visa application online here.

Do you want to stay in India longer than the e-visa period? Or do you not meet the requirements? You will then need to apply for a physical visa, which will be inserted into your passport by consular staff. It comes with a high cost and a long delivery time.

Online E-VISA application for India

The Government of India has introduced an electronic travel permit or e-visa for India which allows citizens of 180 countries to travel to India without physical stamping on their passports.

Since 2014, international travelers wishing to travel to India will no longer have to apply for a traditional Indian visa for travel and so they can avoid the hassle that comes with that application. Instead of visiting Indian embassies or consulates, Indian visas will now be available online in an electronic format.

Online Indian visa application

Submitting an Indian visa online application is easily done through the online application form. It usually does not take more than fifteen minutes to complete the online form. It can be delivered securely and reliably via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal. Finally, you will need to provide a photo and a passport scan for all travelers on the Indian visa application. These documents can be easily uploaded online, and almost all file formats are accepted.

Your visa application is manually checked for errors. First, a visa specialist will usually examine the completed form for mistakes made. Next, check whether the documents you provided meet the requirements and match the details filled in the application form. Do we find an error? You are then immediately contacted so that the application can be corrected and processed in a timely manner. Is everything right? Your visa application will then be sent to the Indian Immigration Service for processing.

Your Indian visa is granted on average one week, usually within 24 hours in case of emergency. It is calculated from the moment you submit all the documents in good order. Do you urgently need an Indian visa? You can then test the “emergency delivery” option on the application form. Emergency applications are quickly checked for errors, even outside of office hours. Emergency applications also depend on how busy the immigration service is. On average, emergency applications are approved within 24 hours.


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