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How To Gain Followers, Increase Reach And Engagement (2022)

In the Last few years, Instagram has become a sweetheart of social media platforms, especially for marketers. When using Instagram for business marketing purposes is like the knocking of a door success at it can open at any time. It is due to that 13% percent of people on earth are using Instagram and 80% of them are following at least one brand. Businesses use to register on IG and then to show people that they are real and people are following them.

After purchasing followers for IG accounts marketers can adopt these effective marketing skills that can help them to grow.

· Post Consistently

If users want to increase their engagements in results their followers will increase then it is much necessary that they remain active every time. A case study shows that accounts that are getting much engagement and also getting visibility used to do 1 or 2 posts a day. While other accounts are not getting much success ignore the importance of content daily and meet with failure. Posting consistently keep users in touch with account also catch the eyeball of other new people.

National Geographic is an account on Instagram that use to posts 5 to 7 posts in a day that is quite effective. As they are able to get 135m followers on Instagram and now you will get the importance of posting content continuously.

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· Build a Strong Brand

Clarity, creativity, and consistency can help to make a strong image of the brand and turn people’s minds to follow your brand instead of going somewhere else. For this purpose, what you can do is choose a theme and then stick with it for a long time. When people get engaged with your posts and visit your profile accidentally. Then they can easily recognize which brand they are attracting. To build a strong brand users just need to focus on core areas like optimizing profile, using pattern colors, and the more important use of Hashtags in posts. These all factors can help to build a strong profile image.

· Have a Visually consistent Instagram feed

Instagram is a visual content sharing platform that really obliges high-quality content and makes it easier for users to get reach with it. Whenever users use to search content about something the Instagram algorithm looks out for the best content and then appears it on the top. More people can engage with content and increase its reach.

To make content more valuable and attractive must use some decent filters and do not much wide with them. The natural look of the image can be more eyes catching than making it more rough using a different kind of filters.


A most effective way of getting success by boosting engagements is to fill up the feed with visually consistent posts instead of spending much time on editing.

According to a research report of webDam, the reason behind the brand success is that they use to share posts with visual consistency and use to stick with one color design.

The look and color theme of your posts must match with the color scheming of the brand and it let people know who you are.

· Use of Hashtags in IG posts

The use of the right hashtags in Instagram posts of your brand can take you to the top of the mountain and can win the race. But to make this happen it much necessary to choose the right hashtags that directly take users to your posts.

Do not use generic hashtags in your posts like #travel #love. Using these types of hashtags can put a strong competition on you and it may chance that your post will disappear among others. Instead of using all generic hashtags must use a mix-up of generic, trending, and related to the brand that can make your posts able to connect with a specific audience. It has the ability to boost engagements, increase reach and turn visitors into followers.

Instagram allows using 30 hashtags in each post but using all numbers looks unprofessional and not effective. Research finds that posts with 11 hashtags get more interactions so using that number of hashtags is enough.

Must use to put Hashtags in bio it is a good practice and easily visible to those who use to visit the profile.

· Use of Subtitles in Instagram Videos

Videos generate 38% percent more engagements than images if users find them more entertaining and informative. To get success by using videos on Instagram then it needs to make it able to get you for what you are looking for.

In a report, Instagram shows that 60% percent of users use to watch videos with sound while others do not. It means to attract that 40% of people marketers need to add subtitles in videos so the target audience also knows about it.

Using subtitles with sound can make marketers able to target 100% of the audience.

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