How to Create a High Quality Biography Page on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the widely used online free encyclopedia on the internet. You can find any information be it related to historical events or any personality. Wikipedia is among the list of top 16 most visited sites. People prefer Wikipedia because of the language feature available. Anyone with the internet can easily access it. It’s widely used especially by students for academic purposes. You can find a biography of all the famous people there. Creating a high-quality biography is the focus of Wikipedia writers. Wikipedia never compromises on quality and authenticity of the data. It has firm community guidelines that everyone has to follow before writing a biography.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Writing a Biography on Wikipedia:


Before writing a biography give plenty of time to research to know the person you are writing about. Be it their career, their personal life, or anything, you should be well aware of all the information available. Use authentic mediums in order to get confirmed and authentic information.

Know Your Audience and Aim

You should be well aware of the details people need to know and what they are actually looking for. You should know why you are writing, and the purpose of writing.

Creation of Wikipedia Biography

Following are some tips and ideas to create a high-quality biography.

Create Profile:

Now create a Wikipedia profile. Visit the Wikipedia homepage and choose your language. Now click on the option of creating an account. Fill out the registration form and confirm your email address. Now login to your account.

Prove to the Authorities That You Exist

Getting a Wikipedia account is not just enough you need to prove to the authorities that you exist by editing other people’s pages. Wikipedia goes through 1.8 edits every second of the day. Now open any accessible Wikipedia page, click on edit on the right side of the page, now in the wikitext post the content. Cite all the edit sources. Now submit the changes.

Choose title

Now choose a good and unique title relevant to the name. The title should attract readers’ attention

Create Biography Page

You will find the option of ‘ask for the page to be created. Now you have to click on it and proceed further. This is actually the simplest step in the entire process. After clicking the option, you will see the rules and regulations of Wikipedia.

Write Content

Now the most important part arrives. You need to write the content. You can either do it directly in the Article Wizard or you can practice in the Sandbox. Use short sentences. Put proper dates and places to maintain authenticity. Give credit to third party sources

The main features of a biography are:

  1. Early Life
  2. Life Description
  3. Education
  4. Awards and Accomplishments
  5. Bibliography and Referencing
Review the Content

Look for errors and correct them instantly. You can use certain software to look for grammatical errors, repetitive words, and font size errors. Don’t use harsh language or slang words while praising the person you are writing about.

Submit for Approval

Now click on the submit button and wait for acceptance.

Maintain Page with time: Timely update page in order to get good traffic like the age of the person will increase every year, you have to make sure you update it on the site.

Final idea

Considering the above-given tips and tricks, you can formulate a high-quality Wikipedia biography page. Produce well-researched biography that is free from errors. Give proper citations, update your page timely and write content accordingly.

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