Online Course Selling- Beginner’s Guide

Online Course Selling is more popular than ever and there are several ways in which a newcomer can master the e-learning space quickly and effortlessly. E-learning is a type of learning conducted digitally via electronic media, typically involving the internet. It can be accessed via most electronic devices including computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. E-learning platforms are quickly becoming corporate moguls in India and abroad, what with countless parents choosing to let their kids learn the digital way. It is shaping up to be a business model with enormous profit and less effort than required by traditional learning mediums. There are several ways to sell content online and multiple e-learning platforms claim to be the best platform to sell online courses. Not all of them can be true. Before creating an online course, it is important for one to know the benefits of using a platform to sell courses online.

The Basic Steps Involved When Selling Content Via Online Platforms

  1. Choose a Subject that Sells

Go for subjects that are in high demand and which might be somewhat hard to source online. Make sure you are, in fact, knowledgeable about the subject you choose. Misinformation will make your course less appealing. You are using the platform to sell courses online so choose something that a large audience will be interested in.

  1. Create Your Online Course

Create a structure before you choose the platform to sell courses online and record sections of your course accordingly. Make sure to use good quality recording equipment and to record in a well-lit space.

  1. Choose the Best Platform to Sell Online Courses

When choosing a platform to sell online courses, it is crucial to choose one that aligns with your ideal while also being profitable. The platform must, for you personally, be the best platform to sell courses online. Make your choice wisely. It is also advised to find multiple platforms to sell courses online to maximize the chances of your content selling. There are multiple platforms on the internet that advertise themselves as the ‘best platform to sell courses online’. Verify these claims and choose a platform that is suited to your interests. 

  1. Choose How Much to Charge

If you choose to sell courses online on multiple platforms, you have the choice to increase or decrease how much you charge depending on the platform. This really depends on the platform and your own preferences. You get to decide how much you want to charge. It is always a good idea to compare the rates of creators who sell courses similar to yours when you set a price. You shouldn’t charge as much as a highly successful creator nor should you charge the lowest. Set a price that will allow you to meet your monthly monetary needs without issue.

  1. Launch Your Course 

The last basic step to using a platform to sell courses online is actually launching your content on the online platform. This also requires you to advertise and market your content to various social media platforms so as you make people aware of what you’re selling and where you’re selling iit.

Benefits Of Using Platforms To Sell Courses Online


  1. Generate Revenue

This is the most common incentive in using a platform to sell courses online. The creator can use it as a means to earn a side income or even make selling courses online their primary occupation.

  1. You Create it Once and People Buy it Over and Over Again

Using a platform to sell courses online means that you need not repeat your words over and over again. You can simply make a recording of the course you’re sharing and sell the same recording to various customers. 

  1. Less Costs and More Profit

Using online platforms also lessens cost and increases the profit margin as you only need to record a course once and then you can simply share it to various platforms. You can even sell the same recording to different platforms and have multiple sources of revenue for the same work. 

  1. Less Effort

Using a platform to sell courses online minimizes the efforts of the creator. They need not explain the same thing over and over again like they would have to for an offline audience. 

  1. Practically Anything can be Sold as an Online Course

You can take any aspect or skill that you may possess and turn it into an online course. You can even showcase multiple skills on the same platform or various platforms to increase the chances of your content reaching a wider demographic and earning you more income. Some of the life skills you possess that can be turned into online courses include cooking, carpentry, pottery, gardening and so on. These are also academic skills which can be sold online like marketing, business strategy, computer programming etc. Many platforms have also expanded to cater exclusively to students and academicians. 

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