What is SharePoint and what is it for? Discover its 5 advantages

SharePoint Online is a cloud platform used to safely organize and collaborate on projects and teams. Frequently used as an intranet or an organized and protected document repository, its document management, search engine, and security functions make it a very powerful business tool. SharePoint Online features help increase productivity, facilitate communications and collaboration while providing security for sensitive business documents.

With its extensive capabilities, SharePoint Online is a standard for business collaboration and one of the most popular cloud services for thousands of organizations around the world, who use it to collaborate and share content and data with SharePoint Consulting. With SharePoint Online, it is possible to perform many common business activities such as signing approval, document review, and approval, or issue tracking, processes that can be initiated, monitored and reported directly from the application.

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In short, Share Point Online is a centralized “ one cloud solution ” for the entire company, and the best part is that it can be adapted to the way each organization works, customizing it to fit exactly the needs of each company.

A CONSULT, without going any further, SharePoint Online allows the nearly 1,200 group professionals to collaborate and work as a team, who can access shared information from 14 countries around the world. With this tool, the corporate identity is established, international project teams can create sub-sites for project documentation and marketing teams can share content, material for campaigns, etc., including the corresponding review, approval, and publication processes. All this without counting on the fact that SharePoint Online can integrate the flagship application for collaboration, teleworking, and video conferencing Microsoft Teams, which has been key to keeping thousands of companies running in these days of pandemics.

5 advantages of SharePoint Online

Cloud Platform

One of the main advantages of SharePoint Online is its ability to work in the Cloud. The platform offers unlimited options to make workflows easier. Users are not forced to use a single device, which allows them to connect with the company to access emails, contacts, or the entire intranet at any time and from anywhere with a simple Internet connection. In this way, employees can easily save time and stay focused on their work.

SharePoint Online is fundamentally a collaboration tool, serving as a connection point for the entire company and facilitating productivity. Having a tool like this is essential in order to carry out the digital transformation of a company. By digitizing a good part of its processes in a cohesive. Simple way and at an affordable cost.

Customization and scalability

SharePoint Online has many very sophisticated tools to create or configure what your company needs. Not only does it allow all kinds of adaptations at the branding level. But also the creation of templates, forums. And all kinds of page designs, with extraordinary flexibility.

With SharePoint Online, developers enjoy the ease of integrating multiple features into any application. For greater ease, you can modify the components and integrate them to best fit your project. In addition, the entire user experience and brand image can be treated with custom attributes associated with your organization’s brand.

In SharePoint Online, you can build pages, but also workflows or dashboards, all without writing code. Additionally, SharePoint Online can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements using SQL.

High availability and reliability

SharePoint Online services have been optimized for Monroe, based on years of performance analysis of SharePoint Online on the Internet, including CPU memory, disk I/O, network latency, and more. By deploying a server farm with the Mineral topology, network latency is reduced and reliability is increased.


SharePoint Online seamlessly integrates with any Microsoft products. Your business already uses or may implement, such as. Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud ERP and CRM solutions. This simplifies workflows, processes, and management of users and resources.

Safety and regulatory compliance

The security of a company’s data must always be a top priority. SharePoint Online is the most secure platform on the market. It has a wide range of security functions built-in from the factory that allows you to control who has access to specific content or to the whole of a site. This includes monitoring access to documents and when and by whom they have been accessed.

A clear example: a company decides that only the sales team can see a specific set of documents. By adding permissions, those files and folders become inaccessible to any other user in the company, improving security.

SharePoint Online incorporates a hierarchical structure, and the Site Administrator has the authority to organize permissions. Employees can access interactive dashboards in Excel that run on SharePoint Online with SharePoint Consulting.

Summary of the benefits and features of SharePoint Online

  1. A uniform platform for web and business content management
  2. Team website creation for easy knowledge sharing
  3. Convenient document management and storage
  4. Quick learning of the familiar Microsoft interface
  5. Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365
  6. Platform independent access via mobile phone, tablet, or computer
  7. Support for web 2.0 platforms and social computing
  8. Workflow management, including internal approval processes

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