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Web design and development is a term that talks about the process of creating a website. As the name suggests, it involves skills like web design and web development. It determines the look and aesthetics of a website, while web development determines the functions. However, there is a very thin line between them. Websites continue to develop along with roles, becoming a term for various skills and sets needed to create them. It is the job of web designers to solve problems for their users, so websites should make it easy for their customers to get where they want and do what they want. To help you ease out in the process of finding the right developer we have listed the sites below.

Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech possesses a group of passionate teams to transform your ideas into reality to provide you with an awesome digital experience for users. The services range from website design, development, mobile apps to solutions that prioritise efficiency and growth for their clients. The company has a track record of achieving and demonstrating the level of performance at all times.From start-ups to small and medium companies, they provide end-to-end solutions. All projects are important milestones in the company’s journey. The company positions itself as a digital agency that works according to client expectations while providing clients with digital solutions and best practices from across the industry.

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It is a firm that exhibits itself as an extremely powerful company in the IT market. Over 500 mobile and web applications are yet to be developed. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The company believes in redefining businesses and startups through its advanced skills in web & mobile development. Every aspect of mobile app development is done with proper research, and dedication making sure it’s innovative. It possesses a quality that enables the customers to turn their concept into high-quality mobile apps. It was founded in 2013 with a vision to help companies with strategic solutions and provide the best. They have built a strong team with over 7 years+ of experience in developing mobile applications.

Light IT

Light IT provides innovative web and mobile software solutions for all companies including startups and enterprises. They offer more than software development and focus on clients’ needs and requirements to suggest improvements. They plan workflows to reduce the budget to fall easy on the pocket of the client. For over 14 years on the market, they have delivered 500+ custom solutions for companies from Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and many others.

They are one of the leading professional web design and development companies in the USA. They help clients fulfill their business goals and the software development process includes consulting, market research, design services, product viability analysis. The web development process is fascinating to them because each and every web development project is a way to create something interesting and new using cutting-edge web development tools. Their vast experience in custom web application development has contributed to the formation and growth of different companies. Every web developer in their team understands that clients depend on the quality of their work, thus, they put all their efforts to give the best result possible.


They possess a team of passionate, user-oriented designers that have strong tools to build exceptional digital experiences. Powercode believe that web development should never be weak. The team never forget that your business goals drive everything. That’s why their beautiful web and mobile designs blend your brand objectives into impact products every step of the way. It takes on every project individually and doesn’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. All projects are one-of-a-kind. You will receive an application that meets your specific needs and fulfils your expectations. There is a brief description of your solution, along with an idea of the budget and time frame. At the beginning of the project, clients get a rough estimate of the budget and timeline. They know what the primary product is, what it will cost, and what the main technology will be.


Everyone wants a website that functions well and smoothly and hence a third person will always bring in new and innovative ideas. This new hire then works in collaboration with the existing team, brilliant energy is bound to exuberate. It will also relieve you of your mind and prove to be a good decision as you not only get good skills but also save on the cost. These are the reasons you should hire yourself a professional web design and development company.


If you hire someone permanently for a task, it will be more expensive as you have to spend money on training them but also for other things such as rent, insurance, employee benefits, and things like that. Whereas hiring a developer can be of great benefit as they are already trained and experienced for the work.

Better Project Results

Hiring a developer, who is skilled in a particular project or job, assures that developer possesses all the needed skills. He is smart enough to complete the project in time and also assures quality. This helps in improving the project results and relieves you. You can easily and peacefully concentrate on other areas of your business.


By hiring a developer from outside, you can choose the work experience you need in the developer. You have the choice to choose either a fresher or an experienced developer. It all depends upon your website and needs. You can go through the previous work they have done and also see samples if need be and then decide.

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