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Top Instagram Tips to Catapult Your Brand to Success

Instagram is more well-known than ever, with more than 1 billion daily active customers. It’s also an impressively run platform that has remained the appeal of an intimate social network while adding new features and functions to attract companies. When it comes to advertising on Instagram engagement is the main goal for the day. 

If you can convince people to be attracted by the content you post and show interest by interacting with them via comments, likes and mentions, and comments, your Instagram algorithm will be able to treat you with a lot of respect. It’s much more difficult to achieve than you think. It is important to follow some of the best methods to ensure that you are receiving the highest returns.

A Solid Bio is a Must

The bio is a vital component of the Instagram puzzle and is far more important than people think. It is a great way to place your brand’s identity prominently as well as to make an appeal to action or help users navigate the marketing process. There are some things that you must include within your biography:

A brief description of your company’s brand or a slogan that conveys the essence of your brand. A link that is short and points to your website or to a promotion you’re conducting. It is possible to use URL shortener software to analyze the amount of traffic that this link brings. 

You can also make use of a generic URL that is the same as on Instagram and use it for whatever you’d like for your site. A hashtag with a brand name that is memorable and motivates users to share content via it.

Stories- A Killer Feature for Marketers

Since their debut on Instagram, Stories have become a huge hit. They’re on top of the page even ahead of you can see the posts feed and have generated huge amounts of views and engagement from users. These short-lived delights are now a top goal for Instagram. 

They’ve decided to first incorporate features that encourage engagement, like polls, after that, to incorporate ads to Stories to enhance their appeal to advertisers. Another advantage of Stories is the fact that they don’t require much effort from users. 

They are brief and nobody expects the quality of the full-length film when they are told. The only thing you need to do is make them enjoyable and appealing to your brand and attractive to your target audience.

Identify a Posting Schedule and Stick to It

One of the best ways to increase your exposure on Instagram is to establish an efficient posting schedule. It’s not uncommon to not set a timer in the first place or to publish content whenever you have the idea or you feel that you are. 

Sometimes, you can achieve some success without being disciplined, simply because of how good your material is. However, the most efficient way to be successful is to find the ideal timing to post new content and determine the ideal frequency at which to distribute them to your target audience.

If you have a decent sample size, and maybe do a bit of research about competition and you’ll be able to identify the times that your target audience is the most likely on the internet and stumble across your content. 

It is important to choose the right time slot that you can adhere to regularly and gives your followers the opportunity of looking forward every week or more. Also, don’t take a risk with your posts. If you have a lot of content that is ready to go, however, it’s better to distribute it over a long period rather than simply dumping massive amounts of it onto your profile. 

This can be viewed as unprofessional by the algorithm and could irritate your followers enough to make them remove themselves from your feed completely. If you are looking to increase the most engagement, you could purchase Instagram likes at a cost of a few dollars.

Video Content Must Not be Neglected

Stories may be the king of the current content battle however, videos are equally important on Instagram. Videos have been available by the platform for quite some time however the advent of IGTV has brought videos on the front page for everyone to view. 

In addition, many great applications such as Hyperlapse and Boomerang are emerging which offer an easy and simple method to create stunning video content for your social networks.

Use Hashtags the Right Way

Twitter and Instagram made the first use of hashtags to tie content in a common theme. When it was new and popular, users rushed to it due to its novelty and exposure as it was common to find a whole page filled with hashtags beneath every image posted on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, many have not benefited from this even though the algorithm isn’t accepting the feature. Hashtags serve two purposes to help users find posts and to also spark a movement with users who are using hashtags to show their appreciation of a brand or to show their support for the cause they support.

When it comes to hashtags, the most important thing to remember is to avoid clogging your posts with hashtags. A simple, deliberate approach to captions will go quite a ways on Instagram. If you limit yourself to the most important tags, you’re more likely to see organic growth and increase engagement. 

But the cramming of your captions with hundreds of tags can cause a negative effect and result in your profile being blocked for spam. Use creative hashtags. According to Forbes, it is important to ensure that they are appropriate to the subject of your post. If you don’t believe that the content is sufficiently loud to be heard let it breathe and be the centre of attention.


With the amount of brands using social media is growing the users are fed up with the constant bombardment of offensive ads and stale corporate content put in front of them. As a company, you are not able to earn profits and exposure without also offering worth. 

Every action you make on Instagram will benefit your users as well as show the human side of your business that allows you to differentiate yourself from its competitors. If you follow these guidelines you will be able to establish an impressive presence on Instagram and reap rich dividends in the many years to come.

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