The Best Eric Topol Twitter Feuds and Controversies

eric topol twitter has been making waves on Twitter for years. From his controversial tweets to his intense Twitter feuds, the prominent cardiologist and author have caused quite a stir. Whether you love him or hate him, Eric Topol has become a major player on Twitter, and his presence has been felt far and wide. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Eric Topol Twitter feuds and controversies.

The Top Eric Topol Twitter Feuds

Eric Topol is a highly esteemed doctor and researcher in the medical field. He is also known for his prolific presence on social media, particularly Twitter. While he’s used the platform to share his important work and opinions on health, he’s also been involved in some very heated debates and disputes with fellow scientists and medical professionals. Here we’ll look at the top Eric Topol Twitter feuds and controversies.

The Feud with Alex Berezow

The first notable feud was with American Council on Science and Health Senior Fellow Alex Berezow. The debate started when Topol called out Berezow for his views on genome editing, which Topol believes is ill-informed and dangerous. Berezow responded by accusing Topol of being a “poster boy for postmodernism” and “anti-science.” The feud went on for days, with both sides exchanging barbs in public view.

The Controversy with Andrew Wakefield

In 2018, Topol criticized a paper by British physician Andrew Wakefield that falsely linked vaccinations to autism. Topol accused Wakefield of endangering public health, but Wakefield and his supporters were not pleased with this criticism. They took to Twitter to defend him and attack Topol, leading to a heated debate.

The Feud with Kevin Pho

Topol has also had a series of long-running arguments with Kevin Pho, an American physician and medical blogger. The two have clashed multiple times over the years over various topics, such as digital health and evidence-based medicine. In addition to their disagreements on Twitter, they have written critical blog posts about each other.

The Feud with David Gorski

Topol’s most recent Twitter feud was with oncologist David Gorski. The dispute began when Topol posted a tweet that appeared to criticize the reliability of cancer drugs. Gorski responded by calling out Topol for making “unsupported claims.” This led to a tense exchange between the two physicians, although it eventually calmed down.

Eric Topol has certainly been involved in some heated Twitter disputes over the years. While many of these feuds have been resolved, others may still be ongoing. What is clear is that he is unafraid to voice his opinion, even if it causes controversy.

The Feud with Alex Berezow

Eric Topol, a renowned physician and geneticist, has had his share of public feuds and controversies over the years. One such feud occurred in 2016 with science writer Alex Berezow. The pair engaged in a heated online debate on the validity of scientific research findings, as well as Topol’s views on health care. Topol accused Berezow of “selectively quoting” a study on digital health tools to argue that they could potentially lead to dangerous medical errors. 

Berezow then counter-accused Topol of being “anti-science” and “ideological.” The feud resulted in a series of tweets from both parties, with some accusing Topol of being too partisan and others defending him for being courageous and outspoken about his views. It also led to an editorial in The Washington Post by a third-party observer who argued that both men were “equally wrong.”

The Controversy with Andrew Wakefield

Eric Topol, a leading physician and geneticist, has been involved in a highly publicized Twitter feud with Andrew Wakefield, a controversial British doctor who has made numerous unfounded claims about vaccines. The two have exchanged heated words on the platform, with Topol consistently arguing against Wakefield’s beliefs. In particular, he has called out Wakefield for his baseless claims that the MMR vaccine causes autism.

Topol has long been an advocate for vaccinations and, as such, has been outspoken about Wakefield’s views. He has called out the media for giving Wakefield a platform and has openly criticized him on Twitter, labeling his views as dangerous and unfounded. On several occasions, he has even suggested that Wakefield should be stripped of his medical license.

In addition to the verbal sparring on Twitter, the feud between Topol and Wakefield has spilled over into the courts. In April 2016, Topol filed a defamation lawsuit against Wakefield. Topol claimed that Wakefield had falsely accused him of lying and manipulating data related to the safety of vaccines. The case was eventually dismissed in January 2017 when both sides reached a confidential settlement.

The Feud with Kevin Pho

The most recent Eric Topol Twitter feud occurred with primary care doctor and health information blogger Kevin Pho. It started in late April 2019 when Topol tweeted that “Primary Care is not a specialty”, which provoked a strong reaction from Pho. He tweeted back at Topol, “Oh really? Tell that to the majority of patients who are seen by a PCP for their care. You are terribly mistaken in this.

Topol subsequently justified his remark, asserting that the majority of primary care physicians lack the amount of expertise necessary to manage complicated medical diseases. Pho and other primary care doctors felt slighted by Topol’s statement and criticized him for taking a shot at their profession without considering the important role primary care doctors play in patient care. This then led to an exchange of tweets between the two, with Pho challenging Topol’s views and Topol responding with facts and research that supported his stance.

The Feud with David Gorski

David Gorski is a medical researcher and editor-in-chief of the blog Science-Based Medicine. He has been a vocal critic of Eric Topol, calling him a “pseudo-expert” and accusing him of “cherry-picking data” in his talks and writings about digital health. In response, Topol took to Twitter to criticize Gorski for what he saw as misrepresentations of his work. This quickly escalated into a full-blown feud, with both men trading barbs and insults back and forth. 

In one particularly heated exchange, Topol accused Gorski of spreading misinformation and wrote, “You’re delusional, dangerous, and totally off base.” The feud between Topol and Gorski ultimately reached a tipping point when Topol made a comment on Twitter that many viewed as implying that Gorski was an alcoholic. Topol later apologized for the tweet and removed it from the platform, but the damage had already been done.


Eric Topol has been involved in a number of high-profile Twitter feuds and controversies over the years. From his feud with Alex Berezow to the controversy surrounding Andrew Wakefield, Eric Topol has certainly stirred up some heated debates on Twitter. While some might argue that these feuds detract from the important topics he is discussing, it is clear that his passion for healthcare reform and pushing for innovative solutions will not be diminished by these Twitter arguments. Despite the occasional disagreement, it’s clear that Eric Topol’s commitment to transforming healthcare through technology remains strong. As his influence continues to grow, it’s likely that he will remain a central figure in the conversations on Eric Topol Twitter for years to come.

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