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The basics of Instagram promotion: that one hack you should know to boost your page

Most of the time people who come to Instagram promotion how to improve their pages without putting any money into the process – somehow, the only thing they’ve heard about it targeted advertising, and it doesn’t work for those pages that don’t have any followers on them. Well, to be exactly clear, it works, but very poorly, because people who see an almost empty page as recommended to them will unlikely visit it to check the content that it offers. It is very easy to fix that situation, actually, but not everybody wants to put some effort and time into figuring it out. In this article we will tell you about not one, but two working methods – one of them is totally free, and the second one takes some investments in the beginning. Let’s start with the free one!

So, to make your page followed by somebody, you need to “steal” somebody’s audience. It doesn’t work any differently – you should go to your competitors’ pages and analyze the lists of their subscribers. Find people who have subscribed to them recently and see if they have any activity in their profiles. If they do – bingo! – you can subscribe to them and await mutual subscription. If they are interested in what your competitors are posting, they probably will want to check your stuff out (especially, if it is better than your competitors’) and can stay with you on your profile. It is kind of a perfected version of mutual following that was banging several years ago; today people don’t have time to follow everybody without even choosing whom to follow, therefore you have to filter people and decide who might be interested in you – it increases the chances of being mutually subscribed to. 

Now to the second method:

it takes some money to put in, but it spares you lots of time and nerve. You can buy Instagram followers and forget about having to spy on people and guessing whether they will want to follow you or not; the promo company just delivers any number of subs that you require and your account gets the growth that it needs. Easy as that, or isn’t it? You see, if you want to reach results safely and without any troubles, you have to keep several important points in mind. Firstly, you need to buy real Instagram followers only, as the fake ones can harm your account’s statistics. Yes, it really can happen – Instagram algorithms see what happens on each account, and if these will see that you’re getting bots only visiting your page, it will start perceiving your page as the bot one as well. It means that your account won’t be recommended to any real people, to fakes only; it’s called shadow banning. Getting out of that ban is extra hard, so you should try to prevent a situation like this at all costs.

Plus, you need to make the process look real to the people who already are following you: so, if you have around 100 subs today, don’t buy 1000, it’s going to look extra suspicious. Instagram promotion Make things proportionate to one another, and in this case nobody will guess that you’re doing something to your profile on purpose. Remember, that best results are happening when you’re taking on not only subs, but also comments, views for videos and other services that develop the other parts of your profile as well. Complex approach is always the best one, you can also include cross posting into the process – double all your Insta posts to other social media pages that you have, to conjoin the audiences from all the platforms. It works great for Insta, FB, Youtube and Twitter, so you can use all of those pages (if you have them and if you have subscribers on them) to widen your promotion’s scale. 

Be thoughtful, slow and smart with what you’re doing, plan things ahead and choose subscriptions to fixated packages – Instagram promotion these will free you from the need to repurchase and reset the promotion that you have running on your page.

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