Caring for bikini and swimsuits

Sun, sand, salt water – swimwear has to endure a lot in summer. So that they remain beautiful for a long time, we have the ultimate care tips for you. Finding the perfect bikini or swimsuit is not always that easy. Once you’ve finally found it, it’s quite annoying when it’s already faded and worn out by the end of the summer.

If we have to search for it forever, our favorite bikini should at least stay beautiful for a long time! In addition, it is not at all good for the environment and your wallet if you can only wear it for one season.

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But why is it that our beloved swimwear often gives up the ghost so quickly? Mostly due to the wrong or insufficient care. After all, the good pieces have to withstand a lot in summer: Constantly getting wet and letting it dry, direct sunlight, sunscreen, salt water, chlorine. Hardly any other piece of clothing is exposed to such hardships.

We spoke to Sarah Holman, Customer Service Manager at Sommer Swim – the German trend label whose swimwear has made it onto the bodies of Kendall Jenner and Co. – and collected six care tips for you that will guarantee your bikinis a longer life will help:

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Apply cream in good time!

Applying sun protection factor before sunbathing is of course mandatory. Unfortunately, sunscreen can leave unsightly stains on your swimwear that are very difficult or, in the worst case, impossible to get out. Ugly yellow discolouration can occur on white models in particular. Ideally, apply the sunscreen about half an hour before you put it on – this gives it enough time to sink in.

Avoid the sun

um, what? Avoid the sun in a bikini and bathing suit? Of course not possible. But you shouldn’t lie in the sun with the parts right after swimming. Wet swimwear in particular fades very quickly in the sun. It’s better to take a dry bikini with you to change into. Which brings us to the next care tip

Wash out regularly

Swimwear should be rinsed out with clear, cold water immediately after swimming. If you don’t have the option during the day – after all, you don’t always have access to a water tap on lonely beaches – then by the evening at the latest. This is how you free it from sand or sunscreen residues, but also from salt or chlorine water. Do not wring out – otherwise the swimwear loses its elasticity and loses its shape. “Furthermore, rinsing with cold water should help a gold embellishment or ring stay beautiful for a long time and not tarnish,” explains Holman.

Hand wash

You should also wash your swimwear “properly” from time to time. It’s best to do it by hand – simply dissolve mild washing powder in cold water and soak the bikini for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse well. If it has to be in the washing machine, then only a short program in the cold wash cycle!

Dry properly

“Don’t hang up the wet bikini or bathing suit in the sun and definitely don’t use clothespins,” says the fashion expert. This will stretch the fabric and cause it to fade. Rather lay on a towel in the shade. Drying takes longer, but is much gentler.

Store properly

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t just crumple up your swimwear and stuff it in a drawer. The shape and elasticity suffer as a result, and unsightly creases can also appear. “You should avoid sitting on rough surfaces because it can pull the fabric,” says Holman. She explains that Lycra (note: extremely elastic chemical fiber) is generally very delicate and that there are often big differences in quality. “Man should deal with the materials. If you’re willing to pay a little more, you often get more longevity as well.”

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