Shoe Boxes – How Can You Make Them?

Shoe Boxes

Shoes are everyone’s need. It is a common article for everyone since we use it almost every day. Shoe boxes are also necessary things for us. We put our shoes in the shoe boxes and keep them in the corner of our room or store them in the almirah. If you know how to make a shoe box by yourself, then you will save money and get rid of the problem of immediately purchasing new shoe boxes whenever they become insufficient. But we usually order custom box from outside shops because we do not know how to make them by ourselves.

Making new shoe boxes every time is such an annoying process, but it becomes easier when you know how to make one on your own using simple materials and proper techniques to make these boxes. Here are some ways through which you can make an attractive shoe box by yourself.

Steps to Follow While Making A Shoe Box:

Choose the Best Materials:

First of all, you should choose the best stuff for making your shoe boxes. You need to gather some cardboard pieces, glue or sticky tape or stapler, ruler for measuring and cutting, pencil/pencils with sharp edges for drawing straight lines on the cardboard, scissor or knife for cutting out shapes, etc.

Make the Base of The Shoe Box:

After getting all necessary materials ready at hand, start making the base of the shoe box by folding a large cardboard piece along its middle line after placing it flat before you. Don’t make it too thick else it would not be able to hold your shoes properly. A little more than one-inch thickness is perfect!

Fold two opposite corners inwards, lining up diagonally with the fold in the middle. Now fold the other two opposite corners so that they lie flat along the line of your previous folds. Keep one open end of this folded flap pointed downwards and place it under a slightly elevated surface (maybe a book) for support and stability while you work on the lid and closing mechanism.

Making of The Lid:

Take a smaller cardboard piece and put it next to or on top of your shoe box base. Make sure the edges go all the way around. Put glue on the bottom of one side and stick it to another side.

Carefully fold down the top edge of this new piece and glue it to the sides of your shoe box. Start from what will be at the back wall of the lid. Carefully fold down the top edge and glue it on the sides to make a lid over your shoe box. Fold a couple of extra edges on one side of the top part of this cardboard. They should make a square or rectangle shape when folded together. This will cover your opening on top of the template you gave for a briefcase.

Printing of the Box:

The printing of the box is as important as the preparation of material. You need to make sure that you print with the best resolution possible on the highest quality paper you can find.

Print all four pieces (the two pieces of both lids) at once directly onto your box material, making sure they are placed exactly where they will eventually fall after cutting out your template.

Before you cut anything out, double-check that everything is printed correctly and that all pages match up as intended.

Cutting Your Template:

Make small cuts for each piece just big enough to fit whatever tool you’re using to follow along this inner edge to give it a nice clean look when done. Repeat this process with your second sheet of cardboard or another box material.

To do this, you will need four pieces of material that are strong but light. You can use cardboard or cereal boxes. You can also use these materials to create something that needs to be fun and durable. It only takes about an hour!

Remember to sign your name on whatever piece is facing up when you cut out each template or label them if you use different pieces. This way, everyone knows who’s the box they are using should there be any questions about materials.

Assemble the Boxes:

Most shoe boxes come unassembled, so you will need to put them together. Let’s start by taking two of the pieces and laying them on their side, the open side facing up so that they are standing up like one piece. Now take the other two pieces and lay them across the top of the bottom pieces (base) to connect them into a rectangle shape. Then fold each end up onto itself (top).

Next, you should use some packing tape to seal the four sides of your box. You can also use duct tape if it is not strong enough. If your material is not strong enough, make sure that you get all of the seams sealed well.

Perform Durability Tests:

Once you have your box, it’s time for some durability tests to see how well the construction holds up.

The Drop Test:

Fill the shoe box with heavy objects like textbooks or shoes and drop it from about 5 feet off the ground (about half of a meter) onto a hard surface like wood or tile floor. If there are no signs of damage, it passes.

The Crush Test:

Put heavy objects on top of the shoe box and sit on it for 30 seconds to 1 minute if there is no indentation in the box, a good job! Reliable packaging companies like perform these tests before delivering these boxes to the customers.

Grabbing Strength Challenge:

Grab each corner of the shoe box with your hand and try to crush/bend the material. If your hands slip off, it’s decent. If not, try using more material!

Enjoy Your Creation:

Once you are all done with these steps, use your new shoe box for storage or to create a case for other sorts of products.

Hope you enjoyed reading this short article, and I hope that it helped! If you want to show off your creation, post a picture in the comments below, and we will get back to you ASAP! Happy Building! 😀


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