Russia’s war with Ukraine flag needs to end, UN’s Bachelet urges Vladimir Putin:

Ukraine flag Speaking to journalists in Geneva just days before her term as High Commissioner for Human Rights comes to an end, Ms. Ukraine flag Bachelet also said that she was still “trying very hard” to finalise publication of her Office’s long-awaited report on the situation of the mainly Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang province.

“We’re working on the report, I had fully intended for it to be released before the end of my mandate and I will try,” she said. “We have received substantial input from the Government that we will need to carefully review (as) we do every time with any country.”

Ms. Bachelet noted that she had raised concerns with senior Chinese officials about human rights violations in the province, including reports of arbitrary detentions and ill-treatment in institutions, during her official visit in May, adding that her Office’s report looks “in depth” at these and other accusations.

Ukraine flag Violent escalation in Myanmar:

Marking five years since more than 700,000 ethnic Rohingya fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape a military crackdown, Ms. Bachelet insisted that Myanmar’s human rights “catastrophe” had continued to worsen.

The High Commissioner said that Myanmar’s Tatmadaw forces had maintained and even escalated operations against civilians in residential areas in southeast, northwest and central regions, 18 months since they overthrew the Government Ukraine flag.

Silos still full :

The Black Sea Grain Initiative has created some space in Ukrainian silos stocked with millions of tonnes of produce from previous harvests. Yet, much more grain needs to be exported to accommodate the new harvest, he added Ukraine flag.

“Equally important and urgent is the export of fertilizer, including ammonia, under this Initiative. So that farmers across the world can continue food production for next year at an affordable cost,” said Mr. Abdulla.

He described the million tones that have been shipped so far as just a beginning.

“The world cannot afford to have food and fertilizer held up by anything. Every shipment cleared through this route helps to calm markets, boost food supplies and keep farmers producing.

Ukraine flag Nobel Prize:

In 1990, lauded internationally, but suffering increasing criticism at home. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for the leading role. That he had played in the radical changes in East-West relations”, according to the judges.

The Secretary-General noted in his statement, that in receiving the prize. He observed that ‘peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity.’ He put this vital insight into practice by pursuing the path of negotiation, reform, transparency and disarmament.”

Mr. Gorbachev faced a coup initiated by hard-liner communist elements in 1991, and was arrested while on. A Black Sea vacation, but the then party leader in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin, effectively ended. The Soviet army-backed uprising in the capital, and ushered Mr. Gorbachev into retirement, and the final dissolution of the USSR.

Lifesaving grain bound for Horn of Africa:

According to the World Food Programmed the first vessel transporting Ukrainian. Wheat grain bound for the Horn of Africa is now due to berth in Djibouti on 30 August.

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