Lack of emotional connection with your partner

Emotional connection is vital for in a partnership. You want to feel that instinctual and deep connect with your husband or your wife. For many people, it is this very connection that causes them to get married in the first place. 

However, this connection can also run into trouble. There can be disconnect that then seeps into your relationship, causing problems with it. 

There are many reasons why your relationship can run into such problems. The matters of fidelity, changes in circumstances, altered personalities etc. are some common issues.

At times, lack of physical connection can also be behind the emotional issues. These can be on account of genuine health matters as well, that merit intervention of a sexologist in Islamabad. But you cannot still make sense of the emotions, can you?

Signs of lack of emotional connection 

Not every instance of feeling like snapping at your partner is a sign of emotional disconnection. It can be a result of bad day. Hence, it’s important for to look at the hallmark signs of disconnect. These include:

You can become mean 

When you’re not emotionally vested in your partner anymore, it can then make you mean as well. You might criticize them, you might feel frustrated with them, and you can also become short with them. 

You stop telling them things 

We all rush to our loved ones with news. Whether it be sharing good news, or ranting, we turn to our partners and friends for in such moments. 

A sign that you have emotionally distanced yourself from your partner is when you stop turning to them for to tell them things. That means they are not your trusted ally or confidante anymore. They are not your emergency contact person anymore. 

You don’t know what’s going on in their lives, either 

Conversely, you might also make yourself emotional unavailable, so you don’t also know what is going on with their life either. It can also be a case of you not giving them a proper ear.  

You stop turning to your partner for help 

If you have stopped turning to your partner for help and advice, it may be because you don’t feel connected to them. Of course, don’t test it when you are fighting, but if your partner used to be your go to person, but now they’re not, then you should be concerned. 

You don’t feel in sync

When you’re in sync with the other person, you know them better. You can finish their sentences, you know what to say to them, you know what they’re thinking even. 

However, if you don’t think you or your partner connect at any of these levels, then perhaps your relationship is also out of sync, a sign of emotional distancing. 

You don’t have or want to have sex

A big part of intimacy is being physically intimate, the epitome of which is sex. However, if you’re not feeling emotionally connected to your partner, you also don’t then want to get physically intimate with them. It can then mean that you stop having, initiating, or wanting sex. 

So, what should you be doing?

Understand why

If you were once so deeply connected to each other, you must then understand why you are biting each other’s heads off now. For to remedy the situation, finding and resolving the underlying cause is imperative. 

Try to talk to them 

Communication is always important part of any relationship, especially marriage. So, talk to your partner about these changes. It doesn’t have to be a blame game, but try to amicably resolve this tension. Perhaps, your relationship has run its course, and it is time to move on then. \

Seeking help of a mental health expert 

Maybe your emotional issues are to do with your emotional health issues. If your mental health has been under strain, you should consult an expert at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital

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