How Do I Write An Effective Essay Writing UPSC For The UPSC Mains?

Interpretation of the essay content

Interpretation of the essay content

Don’t be in a hurry to Essay Writing UPSC. Numerous people see the broader title and start writing the essay without indeed understanding the theme of the content. So, with lesser power comes lesser responsibility. In this environment we need to critically assay the theme of the essay.


After selection of the content, we need to communicate to get fodder material that we can write in the essay. There are colorful effects and colorful ways to communicate.

Crucial words– break the content and look for crucial words to tinker upon. Illustration – With lesser power comes lesser responsibility we know power and responsibility are crucial words. Now you can communicate around crucial words

History- Present- Future – Another way to suppose upon to get points related to the content.

SPECLIH- Suppose from Social, Political, Economic, Cultural, Legal, International, Humanistic perspective. You can make your own acronym and add further confines to suppose from

Now what to communicate You can look for quotations, exemplifications, events, illustrations, case studies, Government enterprise, and data and numbers etc. So, anything that can make the essay more instructional and intriguing.

Structuring the essay

Information is one thing but how to put that information in a structured and methodical way is veritably important. So, need to concentrate on many effects while structuring your essay

Figure Produce an figure of essay i.e. how will your essay do. I feel PAST-PRESENT- FUTURE is a good fashion, you can have other ways to decide the inflow of the essay as well. E.g.-“Dreams that shouldn’t let India sleep”, then I bandied Nehru’s speech of appointment with fortune to explain what those dreams were, Also came on present why that dream is faltering and also talked of future that what are these dreams and how can we fulfil it.

Once you have brainstormed the points, created a figure and structured your essay, now you’re ready to write the content.


Language & Presentation Write in simple language. No need of flowery expressions. Keep short rulings and small paragraphs

Explanation of points Explain through exemplifications or illustrations whatever you’re trying to explain. Mention government Enterprise, programs & plans wherever possible. International exemplifications or case study wherever possible.

Focus of essay Throughout the essay the theme should be reflected and inflow should be maintained from beginning to end. Each paragraph should link to the other.

Also don’t concentrate only on covering lot of confines in the essay. In this race we lose the inflow of essay. Further than knowledge essay should reflect your vision and ideas.

Preface Your Preface should easily lay down what the essay will number, giving a brief idea to the anthology. You can always use a story, quote, fact/ Information or abstract way to produce an environment and also make your preface over it.

Illustration- “Is sting operation an Invasion in Sequestration” (2014). Then you could begin your Preamble with the Tehelka story of Gujarat screams that hit the news and also raise questions was it good or bad and bandy that in the body.

Body This part is each about analysis. Then three effects are Important.

1.) If the content is debatable you need to bandy both sides. If not, also it’ll be straight- forward.

2.) In any case you’ll have certain line of arguments to put your case.

3.) Explain each of them through some exemplifications.

Illustration “ Is sting operation an Invasion in Sequestration”. This is debatable content.

So, you’ll have both sides. Yes it in an irruption, No it isn’t an eruption. To bandy both sides you’ll have some arguments. Now when you put your arguments substantiate with the illustration and illustrations.

Conclusion In conclusion focus on three effects

1.) Summaries the content

2.) Put your concluding stage

3.) Tell a way ahead. Try to end your essay on some positive/ visionary note.

What medications you can do for the essay

Read You need to read some good essays and learn how beautifully people put up their arguments. These essays do not have diversity but depth. So, reading some good essays can tell you how to begin an essay, write arguments, and conclude. Utmost Important is how to produce a structure of essay.

Writing a good essay is an art and not a mechanical process.

A real life analogy would be that of making tea. All of us know that there are only 4 main constituents that go into it Water, Milk, Tea Leaves and Sugar. Still, the result vary drastically and in Hindi relate to it as haathon main jadoo hona!

There are many essential way that must be followed for writing a good essay

Good Reading Habits The further different your reading list is the better content you’ll be suitable to induce in the essay.

Connectivity One must have the knack of connecting ideas from different disciplines. For illustration a content on technology can use contents from Ancient History, Tradition, Medical Science, Ethics, Philosophy etc.

Writing Practice No matter how numerous tips, studies etc you read, unless you do exercise your chops won’t ameliorate. Originally the quality of essays would be terrible but with time it’ll start perfecting. The stylish way to exercise is to join a test series (EDEN IAS ) and get feedback on your essay jotting.

In your diurnal review reading if you find some good lines or exemplifications also keep noting them. Especially studies.

Take up some common/ general motifs like women, education, healthcare, internet, wisdom ( look at last 20 times essay) and prepare some fodder on it. Like quotations, imp case studies, exemplifications, factual word, government enterprise etc.

Have a depository of good opening and ending lines. You’ll find this through reading journals, good essays of others etc. Write and estimate One should write at least 10 – 12 essays.

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When you write try to apply the points I explained above in this composition. And most importantly get your essays estimated by some preceptors, named campaigners or sincere musketeers. This will help in making advancements

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