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Some of the most popular content producers online are gamers. By Coryxkenshin utilizing their passion for video games as the foundation of their YouTube and Twitch channels, people like Markiplier have changed their lives. While the megastars may receive the most of the attention, there are several comparatively “smaller” channels that have millions of subscribers and have been operating successfully for a while. Real name Cory Williams, but his fans also refer to him as “the Shogun,” CoryxKenshin is a gaming YouTuber who has been active for more than ten years.

While still a college student, CoryxKenshin began doing vlogs on YouTube. He has developed a channel with over 12 million followers via perseverance, devotion, and more than a few breaks. Now, Kenshin doesn’t always have to stream the game that’s getting the most views on YouTube. In fact, he occasionally doesn’t even need to upload videos for his channel to expand. Because of his kind demeanor and hilarious sense of humor, CoryxKenshin has a devoted following. CoryxKenshin has transformed from a foolish high schooler to the commander of an army of Samurai in a little more than ten years.

As a vlogger, CoryxKenshin debuted on YouTube.

On May 25, 2009, at the age of just 16, CoryxKenshin posted his debut video to YouTube. The gaming content that would later bring him enormous popularity had nothing to do with the video, nor did many of his other early uploads. When he first began posting videos on YouTube, Kenshin was a vlogger who made videos about his daily activities and occasionally made comedic sketches.

CoryxKenshin didn’t begin actively playing video games on his channel until he was a college student. His little fanbase responded favorably to his debut title, the horror game “White Finger.” From that point on, Cory concentrated on creating video games, including independent horror games and popular flash games like “Happy Wheels.”

Even with the change, Cory continued to use his gaming videos to showcase his early vlog style, and his following watched them as much for him as they did for the game he was playing.

Coryx Kenshin refers to his followers as “the Samurai”

Every fandom has a distinct idea of who it is. Fans of CoryxKenshin refer to themselves as “the Samurai” and to him as “the Shogun.” When Kenshin asked his followers to choose a new audience name and video outro in 2014, the names were born. Kenshin was ecstatic to receive more than 100 votes in his poll at the time. Less than ten years later, his channel would be approaching 13 million members, but at the time of the famous vote, it had not yet reached 10,000.

Samurai are “noble, they’re powerful, they’re courageous, they battle for each other,” according to Cory, who liked the fan moniker. Fans quickly began referring to Kenshin as “the Shogun” in retaliation, which didn’t take long.

From there, the streamer’s followers created “Samurai Unite,” a new subreddit. The “The Samurai Brothas & Sistas” community on Steam was immediately established after that. As the new persona gained traction, Cory began finishing his videos with the call to action “Samurai slice that ‘like’ button.” This is why samurai and shogun characters are extensively displayed on CoryxKenshin’s official merchandise.

Faith plays a significant role in CoryxKenshin’s life, which is why he is still active on YouTube.

CoryxKenshin puts his faith on his sleeve, which is something that not every YouTuber does. He doesn’t spend a lot of time on his channel talking about his faith. But it does have a tiny influence on what he does. He says on his YouTube page, “just attempting to live as God intended. I hope my videos might brighten your day a little. On Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much every other social media platform he uses, he expresses the same opinion.

Since over ten years ago, CoryxKenshin has included. A Bible scripture or psalm at the end of each of his films. It began back in 2014, while he was playing “Pokemon Emerald. Every choice included a verse from the Bible. When he asked his supporters to choose a new outro for his videos. CoryxKenshin has altered his outro considerably since that first vote, but he has always included a verse at the very end.

In fact, CoryxKenshin probably wouldn’t be working on YouTube today if it weren’t for his beliefs. The channel’s inventor had long-planned to retire (more on that later). But when the time came for him to do so, his faith kept him from quitting. He remarked, “I felt that God had given me such a gift — of this channel, of this community. And I wondered, ‘How do you walk away from a blessing. In order to keep his blessing, CoryxKenshin realized he couldn’t stop working on the channel.

The younger brother of CoryxKenshin is a YouTuber as well.

Numerous people have been motivated to start their own YouTube channels by CoryxKenshin, who has countless fans and admirers. Anyone who has spent a lot of time watching. His channel is probably not surprised to find that he is just as motivational and encouraging to his own family. The two of them have occasionally collaborated on videos since CoryxKenshin encouraged. His younger brother to pursue a career as a YouTuber.

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