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Instagram’s AR Filters: A Comprehensive Guide for Using Filters to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram’s AR Filters: A Comprehensive Guide for Using Filters to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

If you are using Instagram marketing to advertise your business, you have heard click here about the benefits of Instagram Stories. More than 500 million Instagram accounts were accessed via IG Stories every day.


Becoming aware of the growing increasing popularity and popularity of Stories, Instagram keeps coming up with novel features such as music, stickers, and more to allow users to create engaging Stories. In this particular series, Instagram’s AR filter is another distinctive feature available to B2C or B2B lead generation firms.


If you’re seeking new followers on Instagram at this moment, you need to get started using AR filters immediately. And if you think that the AR filter is a high-tech technology that requires some technical know-how, you’re wrong.

What is exactly the definition of an Instagram AR filter?

Instagram also leveraged AR to help marketers improve their interaction with customers and help promote their brands. AR filters use computerized components which overlay photos in real-time. With a front or back camera, Instagram Stories viewers can utilize a variety of AR filters live in.

Take a look at some of the Coca-Cola Polka Instagram Stories. They’ve designed Coca-Cola cans, bottles, and a variety of other amazing AR filters that draw attention to their customers.


In the same way, MAC Cosmetics uses AR filters that allow customers to test different lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other makeup products before purchasing their own. It’s a wonderful method to improve the physiological aspect of virtual UX.


Are you excited about AR filters? You can make your own with Facebook’s Spark AR Studio.


It’s an amazing AR platform that works on Mac and Windows. You have to start Spark AR Studio on your computer and begin creating your brand-specific AR filters by using ready-to-use templates.

It’s similar to editing images in Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.

What are the reasons to use Instagram AR filters today?

Utilizing Instagram AR filters can provide many advantages, such as:

Augmented technology is much more engaging than video.

Like Facebook AR Ads, Instagram AR Ads are expected to be short.

It simplifies the shopping experience online so that customers can test it before making their purchase.

Give a boost to your Instagram advertising efforts.

It’s a cost-effective and easy method to incorporate robust technology for augmented reality to promote your brand.

It’s a great method to learn about content syndication and recycling.

Different kinds of AR filters, with examples

Let’s look at the various AR filters you can apply to enhance your Instagram Marketing in 2021.

Color adjusting filter

It’s among the first AR filters that were first used. By using it, users can alter the colors of their feeds in real-time.

Brands employ this filter to change their colors or campaign visuals to become Stories.

Selena Gomez’s rainbow light filter that she created to promote her hit song “Rare,” is a great example of color filters.

Beauty filters

The name suggests that beauty brands make use of the AR filters that are available on Instagram. Users can try different virtual products.

For instance, Kylie Cosmetics often creates AR filters that allow users to test different shades of lipstick and other cosmetics on their Instagram Stories. Their most recent filter includes Stormi Butterfly, which is very cute and a great method to draw female customers.

Random filters

The popularity of this filter was evident after Jimmy Fallon asked people on his show, “Which Disney Character Are You?” in December of this year. The filter quickly became very popular on Instagram that people began applying it to everything from coffee to shoe manufacturers.

Quiz filters

It’s yet another form of interactive filtering that brands employ to interact with their clients.

For instance, AussieTheatre created a filter in which users have to guess the music created using emoticons.

Gaming filters

These filters are among the most frequently used, particularly when people have to grab fallen objects with their mouths.

This Singapore Tourism Board AR filter below is quite distinctive. You could try something similar to this. But, unless you have an original idea for how to include game filters in your advertising campaigns, Don’t make use of these filters.


Real-world filters

The filters allow users to put 3D objects into real life. This is a popular filter for many brands, including GUCCI. Check out this awesome real-world filter called Aria from GUCCI.

Filters that are targeted

This is a distinct kind that is a unique type of AR filter. It automatically triggers when it spots an image targeted through the branding.

Like Domino’s Singapore filter, it only activates when the user is pointed at Domino’s pizza boxes.

Immersive filters

These filters cut off the user’s face, or another image is cut off and displayed in the background in 3D. It’s a fantastic way to provide a full-immersive virtual experience to your customers.

The face Art filter below is a good example. The face Art filter below is an example of using immersive filters.

Do you not like some of these Instagram AR filters?

So, let’s create your unique IG filter now!

How do I develop Instagram AR filters with Spark AR Studios?

Here’s the step-by-step process you need to follow to make and apply an AR filter. AR filters:

Step 1: Download Spark AR Studios

Spark AR Studio can be described as an open-source software application for Mac and Windows to create amazing Augmented Reality-based Instagram content.

Open your browser to the Spark AR Studio website or visit your local App Store to download the app.

Step 2: Choose your AR filter.

After that, you must decide if you would like to build AR filters from scratch or use any of the eight types of filter templates (mentioned earlier). It is suggested to begin by creating a template. When you’ve got the feel of the tool, it is possible to customize AR filters.


Step 3: Begin to create your masterpiece.

After selecting your template, you’ll be able to see a placeholder object panel known as Viewport. Then, you can build your AR filter by using this panel.

You can alter the simulator type to meet your preferences by using your Simulator option. You’ll find some options to modify the Instagram AR filters on the left side.

Step 4: Upload your media files

You can get free 3D animated images from the no-cost Spark AR Studio library or upload them directly from your device.

Step 5 5. Edit your media

In the scene panel, you’ll be able to alter the behavior of the media content that you have uploaded. You can adjust the way it appears, behaves, and behaves in real-world settings to help promote your company’s image.

You can, for instance, alter the intensity or hue of the ambient light within your filter.

If you continue to explore your Scene panel, it provides numerous additional editing features that permit you to:

Modify the direction of light to give the 3D effect to the object.

Decide if the filter should be compatible with the front, back, or both cameras.

Change 3D animations.

Include additional elements such as textures, effects, animations, and other components into your filter.

Step 6: Check your filter

Now, you can upload an experiment file to either your Instagram or Facebook account to test how your filter appears in real-time. If you’ve installed Spark AR Studio, you can use it to test your filters. Spark AR Studio application You can now try out your AR filters in it.

Step 7: Make sure you publish your filter.

Just beneath just below the “Test On the Device” button, you’ll see”Upload,” which is the “Upload” button that will instantly upload your filter.

But, keep in mind that one thing the effects you create won’t be released immediately. The first step is that Spark AR Studio will review your work to ensure it aligns with their policies and terms. It may take days or weeks, so please be patient!

Where can you locate Instagram AR filters?

If you’re unsure if you want to develop your Instagram AR filters yet, you can utilize pre-existing filters to interact with your followers.

Instagram Stories

You can look through your family and friends’ users’ Instagram Stories and click on the “Try It button” to create Stories using various filters. In the meantime, you can check out multiple brands’ Instagram accounts in the tab with three stars and apply your AR filters.

Instagram messages or links

All of the Instagram AR filters and stickers can be shared using messages or links. Tap the effect, select “Send to” or click “More,” and then click “Share Effect Link” to send the filter to others via the URL. You can also ask others to send your new filters with you.

Best practices for creating Instagram AR filters

Instagram AR filters are effective devices for businesses to interact with, keep, and expand their Instagram users. However, it takes a lot of imagination and planning to make one enticing AR filter.

Here are some of the best alternatives to make use of AR effects to boost your brand on Instagram:

Discover a reason

AR filters don’t only focus on entertainment or fun. A great AR effect helps people to learn while also making them smile.

After that, have the time to look over some of the key messages:

Let people show off their style and creative ideas.

Let your users record their emotions with your filters.

A good effect will give people the chance to write intriguing stories and be able to share them with acquaintances.

Help users support the cause or movement by generating impacts.

Create reusable AR filters

The ideal approach is to develop an effect that is reusable that people can reuse over and over. To achieve this, you need to reduce animations or 3D graphics and create an individual content hero similar to the Stan Smith effect by Adidas.

They’ve just made a white and green AR frame where users can take notes of themselves. Users can make use of it over and over and give it to acquaintances.

Don’t be all about your brand.

The most costly mistake you can make while designing Instagram AR filters is making it entirely focused on your brand.

Branding is an important aspect that creates your AR effect. However, if the impact speaks about your brand and isn’t worth the investment, users can’t use them the next time or even give them to their acquaintances.

Keep your branding to logos, colors for the brand, such as mascots, logos, or stains. Add some interesting or entertaining content that will entice your fans.

The Groove On filter by Ray-Ban is the finest example available. It is the only one with distinctive Ray-Ban shades that wearers can put on in real life and cool groove music and meters. Therefore, fewer and fewer things work with AR filters, too.

Fun and easy

Fun and easy filters that always are a huge win

The majority of AR filters last between 30 and 75 minutes. So, you’ll only have a few seconds to convince people to experience your effects. This means you don’t have to take a second to immediately create an impact that is simple and enjoyable.

The user must comprehend the purpose of the effect immediately when they tap the impact. The product must provide entertainment for users who enjoy cameras in the front and back or interesting content.

Break the box

Don’t think out of the box when creating AR filters. This is because everyone else has done the same thing. You must break out of the rules and come up with ideas that nobody has considered before. This may sound not easy. However, you can accomplish this with plenty of practice and thinking.

You’re done, peeps!

This guide has covered the most important topics you should know before making an Instagram AR filter. I explained how to utilize Spark AR Studio, the various AR filters available, and the best ways to create distinctive AR filters.


Now, it’s up to you to decide how you can use your imagination and brand’s image to create and implement some of the most innovative AR effects on Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories.

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