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How to Manage Your Social Media Manager

Give your social media administrator the tools necessary to succeed.

If you’ve just decided to hire or employ an employee in check now social media, it is essential to ensure their successful results to make the most value from your investment. Make sure to select the right person who has the necessary abilities. Social media management shouldn’t be something you assign to a lower-level employee as a secondary “task.” You require someone who can understand customer service, business journalism, communications, and marketing. They must be capable of writing, designing, editing, expanding your reach, conveying your brand’s voice, and handling any crisis quickly and with authority.

If you’re looking for an employee in social media, I’ve listed my most popular social interview questions for media managers here to help you evaluate their capabilities during the hiring process. Many individuals are referred to as social media managers; therefore, be mindful and cautious when conducting your interview and screening procedure. Once you’ve identified the best candidate, make sure you provide them with the tools and information you need to help grow your company. Learn more about how to manage your Social Media coordinator.

Social Media Management Tools

There are many free applications for managing social media and graphic design, including Canva, Tweetdeck, Buffer, and native platforms such as Facebook Business Manager and the built-in Creator Studio. If you’re working in a company setting, be sure that the internet connection allows access to these tools and any social networks they’re going to manage! It’s not a good idea to block your new employee from Facebook to start off to a bad start.

If you choose to use the option of a paid application, I would suggest something like Hootsuite. It offers numerous integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more in an easy-to-use dashboard. Later is ideal to use for Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok scheduling.

Notifications and emails

You might consider making a Google email address to manage their use of tools such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, and user accounts with things such as MailChimp. If they quit the company, you can remove the account and remove their access. In addition, invite them to join Facebook Business Manager using the company email address instead of giving permissions for the individual pages. This makes it easier to manage.

Design, Photography, and Video

If the person you hire is proficient in graphic design and can afford the software, it’s challenging to beat the Adobe Creative Cloud for design and video.

Alongside scheduling and design tools and scheduling and design tools, they must have access to a high-quality camera and essential audio equipment if the interviews video format is an integral part of your social media strategy. A budget DSLR camera can usually suffice for video and pictures. A lav mic can improve audio quality for the majority of interviews and voiceovers you’re planning. The social media manager of your company will likely use their smartphone for a large portion of their tasks, but they’ll require equipment for photography and desktops too.


Determine Your Objectives for Social Media

Have you been using the social network to improve branding awareness or lead generation, recruitment and customer service, reputation management, or a mix of these? Discuss your goals and decide how to gauge their success. Standard metrics for each of these goals could appear to be:

Brand Awareness Reach and impressions

  • Recruitment – Job form filled websites, visits to career post
  • Lead Generation:┬áLead Form fills, visits to landing pages, direct messages, or even comments that have an intention to buy.
  • Customer Service: comments, questions, and suggestions
  • Reputation Management – positive reviews, decreasing angered customers, positive engagement

After you’ve agreed on how to determine success, you’ll have an action plan to remain focused on achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Integrate them into business Processes

If you want to ensure that you can ensure that your new Social Media Manager will be able to understand and communicate your company’s values as well as your goals and your purpose, Do not keep them in silos. They should be integrated into the aspects that impact customers of your business; therefore, include them in sales teams, customer service marketing, and operations meetings so that they are part of the bigger whole. Make sure they establish connections with the members of each team to reach out to them whenever they have questions or are working on content around that particular aspect of your company. Create an approval procedure that doesn’t rely on several layers of approvals because social media has to be swift.

Pro tip:

Each team member needs to be pushed to respond promptly and be prepared to take their social media responsibilities seriously. Social media users expect to receive a quick and comprehensive response and won’t sit for hours to receive what they want.

Send them your Brand A Guide.

The social media coordinator will create images, write texts, and take photographs and videos that represent your brand’s image online. Be sure that they have a copy of your branding guide, which contains the following items at the very least:

  • Brand colors
  • Logo use
  • Fonts
  • Image styles
  • Copy preferences, such as AP style
  • Taglines that have been approved

Stop Standing in Their Way

Once they’ve got the tools, the relationships with business, and the knowledge about your company’s brand image, it’s crucial not to micromanage your employees. Social Media Management professionals are expert communicators who are aware of the voice and culture of every platform. If you wish to see them succeed, you must step back and let them go at it.

Trust, but be sure to verify.

If you first would like them to forward the content and pictures to you for your approval to ensure that they match the corporate image, It’s okay. You must be crafting content that sounds human, not a business email. So be cautious when editing. Help them avoid sounding like a bot with their replies and posts. Let them explore and add their individuality to the page. The users will show them how to improve their content. If certain types of content have been consistently gaining more attention or more visits to websites, or higher conversions, it will help them create more types of that kind of content, regardless of what it appears to be.


The best social media managers can bring many benefits to your business. They can aid you in increasing revenues, increasing brand recognition, and maintaining your image. Consider this as a professional job and provide them the tools to be successful. And then sit and watch them take off.


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