5 Next Generation Marketing Strategy For Online Business

Marketing is very important for every business both online and offline. Over the years companies have used different marketing strategies to grow the business, and while marketing experts come up with different marketing concepts each year, some of these marketing strategies are not as fully as effective as they used to be.

With changes all over the world, experts are discovering simple and easy marketing strategies. A lot of the next generation of marketing will be with technology.

You know how digital transformation changes the business world. Now business needs to be on the internet these days to be successful.

For example, cold calling and coding emailing are not being practiced as before. It is not as effective as it used to be. Back then all you needed is a list of numbers or email. Marketers don’t care if you are interested in what they are selling or not.

The key was to convince them to buy. Marketers figure a way to get the emails and phone numbers of people who have an interest in whatever they are selling.

But now people only want to receive emails and calls from only brands or companies they gave consent to call or email, so the new phrase of marketing is getting the potential customer to give you consent to market them. 

We moved from the baby boomers to Generation X, now to the millennial, and going up to the Gen z. Marketing has to meet the standards of the new next generation.

With the next generation, marketing is fast, simple, and low cost to get potential customers.

So what is the next generation marketing strategy that would be around for the next decade and even more?

What are the next generation marketing strategies that startup, online business, mid cooperation, and Fortune 500 companies have been using to grow?

Growth hacking/marketing

Digital marketing expert Neil Patel said growth hacking is the buzzword for a startup. Yes, growth hacking has been a popular way startup founders scale their business since it was first coined by Sean Ellis in 2010, but growth hacking is not just a marketing strategy for startups alone. Traditional businesses, small businesses, and big corporations are now using this strategy.

Growth marketing is using a growth hacking strategy in marketing. This is growing your product or service with data and engineering. Growth hacking focuses on pirate metrics (AARRR).

  • A – Acquisition – how do you gain customers?
  • A – Activation – what is the customer’s first experience? 
  • R – Retention – how do you bring a customer back?
  • R – Revenue – How do you make money?
  • R – Referral – who is telling others about you?

Customer Immersion

Customer immersion also called consumer immersion is all about seeing your product or brand from the customer’s point of view. This allows brands to see how customers use their products. 

This is the study or understanding of how customers use your product in real-time. You need to take the customer’s consent if you would record their activities. Microsoft has a tool for customer immersion experience (CIE).

You can also use the user behavior analytic tools to understand the behavior pattern of your consumers. Few ways to get customer immersion.

  • Interview with customers
  • Helping customers set up their products up
  • Video recording of how customers use your product
  • Spending time with people who use your product and services
  • Recording activities of people using your product
  • User behavior analytics tools

Story telling

Storytelling is a powerful way to bring your brand to life for your consumers. Storytelling is a concept first used by content marketers. You can use this marketing strategy to bring in new customers and keep old customers. 

Storytelling is all about using an emotional/imagining an image to link your brand to the customer’s needs. You need a story they can relate to. You can tell a story about anything from the customer pain point to how your product or brand would solve their problem.

Few ways you can include storytelling to your brand:

  • Email copy
  • Sales copy
  • Content strategy
  • About us
  • Advertisement

Video marketing

Video marketing is using video content to market your brand or product, creating visual content for your customers. Video marketing bridges the gap between the consumer and the brand. The consumer can see that there are people behind the brand.

Video marketing is growing and is one of the marketing strategies to bring in the next generation. With a lot of video platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook live, Instagram live and YouTube no 2 search engine in the world, videos would be part of the future of marketing.

  • Creating videos content
  • Live to stream
  • Video ads

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is growing and has become one of the marketing strategies, brands can do with these days. Getting influencers in your niche to spread the word about your product or brands to their audience.

80% of people are more likely to buy a product recommended to them, this is word-of-mouth marketing, and 80% of people are more likely to buy a product recommended by an expert or someone with great influence in that niche of the product.

It’s expensive to get some influencers to market your product but there are now platforms you can find influencers in your niche that are ready to market your product like Upfluence, AspireIQ, #paid and many more.

Some online influencers you can try:

  • Bloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Social media influencers
  • Podcasters
  • Industry expert


Marketing to the next generation will be a fresh game. You need to give the people what they want. Marketing has grown beyond persuading to psychology and emotional selling. As time goes by the competition gets tough, understanding your customers and their need would set you apart.

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