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Guide To Conducting An Instagram Audit For Best Results

Guide To Conducting An Instagram Audit For Best Results

Instagram audits fake followers

This is why the next stage of any Instagram audit is to eliminate your (buy Instagram followers) account of fake followers. A few tools help make an Instagram follower audit much more accessible.

FactCheck estimates how many fake followers you have by comparing your follower-to-engagement ratio to industry averages. If the ratio does not match industry standards, The tool will inform you that you’ve got an excessive amount of fake fans. If your followers appear suspicious, you should use a different tool such as Social Audit Pro to remove these followers.


Social Audit Pro

Social Audit Pro uses an algorithm based on engagement and activity levels to mark followers as either dormant, suspect, or somewhat suspicious. After your search is complete, you will be able to select the followers you wish to eliminate and set the tool up to remove a set number of followers each hour or day to ensure that you do not abruptly decrease your follower count.



Audit Your Content

The next thing to consider is the main ingredient for your account on Instagram, which is your content. If you’re an Instagram marketer, the majority of your efforts will create content for your account, so it’s crucial to have an understanding of the things that work and what don’t. If your posts aren’t connecting with your users, you’ll need to reconsider your approach.


Use The Right Tools

For a successful audit of your post content, you’ll generally require third-party tools. Although the analytics built into Instagram will get you going, it’s not enough to cover the essentials.


We suggest using Sprout Social and Hootsuite to analyze your data to get real-time information. Both are market leaders, and many of the largest businesses in the world count on them to provide Instagram data. In the end, Sprout Social is a more expensive, extensive, and powerful platform. However, Hootsuite provides similar features at an affordable cost.



Check Your Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial to expanding your reach via Instagram However; many hashtags aren’t equal. While it’s tempting to focus on the most well-known hashtags, it will generally be better to target more specific hashtags with fewer followers but higher engagement. It is best to blend the two strategies. You can use any of the analytics tools we’ve talked about to assess how effective hashtags you’re using.


If you’re not sure which hashtags you should use, You can use the hashtag generator. You can also examine your current hashtags against the ones generated by the generator to determine whether you’re on a good path.



The art of fine-tuning your hashtags is an art. It is essential not to utilize too many. Your posts could be unprofessional; however, if you employ too few hashtags, you’ll lose out on being seen by a more comprehensive number of people. The data suggests that the optimal number is 11 hashtags. However, feel at ease to experiment with this and test whether you’ll achieve more results.


Check Your Captions

The captions you use serve two functions to engage your audience and direct them to take a particular step (a Call to Action or CTA).


In auditing your content, check the quality of your captions to meet these purposes. First, is your copy engaging? Does it tell a compelling story? If not, nobody will be able to make it to your CTA.


Then, do you include a CTA on every post’s caption? If not, then focus on adding CTAs in all posts unless there’s a good reason not.



Analyze Your Profile

If someone comes across your Instagram profile, they’ll clearly understand your brand’s values. It is possible to analyze your brand by reviewing your profile photo, username, username, bio, links in bio highlights, and whether you’ve got a consistent style.

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Profile Picture

Instagram is mostly an image-based platform. Therefore you must ensure that your profile image is attractive and instantly conveys the brand’s image. For the majority of companies, this would include your company logo. If your profile photo cannot create the perfect first impression, then your entire profile is likely to suffer from the result.


Instagram audit rei



Your username should, first and foremost, be simple to keep in mind, yet it must convey your brand’s identity. Ensure that your username matches the brand you represent when conducting your Instagram review. Please don’t change your username unless justified, as a dramatic change can make it more difficult for your customers to find your profile.



Your bio can be your chance to express your personality as a persona to your visitors and followers. A great bio should be clear and engaging. It’s also concise. If your bio isn’t meeting these requirements, think about making changes.


Link In Bio

Instagram will only allow the inclusion of one link in your bio, making it crucial to get the most value from it. But, with the various new tools to integrate links into bios available, you don’t have to make a difficult choice whether to link your newsletter sign-up page or your trial page for free.


Utilizing tools such as using tools like, you can use your single link to connect your followers to various websites. When someone clicks on your link, they’ll be shown a landing page that contains hyperlinks to various websites that they can pick from.


Instagram audit

Link tools are one of the most critical aspects of marketing on Instagram because it expands the possibilities by merely putting your link. If you’re not currently using a link-in bio tool, you need to think carefully about whether it’s worth it when you conduct your review.

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