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Where to Find the Best Beaches on Paxos?

Paxos is a hidden gem in Greece. This island in the Ionian Sea is about 8 kilometres from popular Corfu, and you will most likely have to fly to Corfu to get there. Paxos has no airport and most visitors take a ferry from Corfu.

Paxos is quiet and calm. It has a few villages sprinkled on its green hills, between olive groves and limestone rocks. Its main attraction is its beaches. Away from the crowds, these beaches help you relax, reconnect and replenish. Let’s take a look at some of the best beaches on beautiful Paxos.

Kaki Langada Beach

A small and charming beach, Kaki Langada is popular with both locals and visitors. With its length of about 100 metres, it’s one of the longer beaches on Paxos. It is made up of white pebbles and, depending on the season, enjoys shady spots in the afternoon thanks to the pine trees directly behind the beach. Kaki Langada has its own taverna: Aeolus Beach Bar has a mix of tasty Greek, Mexican, and Italian dishes. The beach bar also rents sunbeds and umbrellas, so you can enjoy this pebbly beach to the max.

Kaki Langada Beach is located on the east coast of Paxos, about 3 kilometres north of Gaios. You can cover this distance on foot from the island’s capital, which will take you about 30-40 minutes, or you can go by car. The exit to the beach is a steep road down to the parking area and the bar.

Mongonissi Beach

Are you into watersports? Mongonissi Beach invites you to get active on the water. This beach can be found in the southeast of the island, about 5 kilometres from the island’s capital Gaio. In fact, Mongonissi Beach is on a smaller island that is connected to Paxos by a bridge. The short distance between the two islands means that the waters are calm and relatively shallow. Its location by a small bay makes it family-friendly, too. 

Rent sunbeds and parasols from nearby Carnayo Lounge. This beach bar is also a great place from which to enjoy the bay views. On its menu, you will find all sorts of creative dishes and tempting cocktails. Dinner time can be unforgettable, with entertainment that will make you want to stay all night.

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Monodendri Beach

Monodendri Beach is one of the best beaches on Paxos. It has the typical white pebbles and crystal-clear water, but also offers facilities like sunbeds and parasols, and tavernas with high-quality, traditional Greek food. Add to it the easy parking, and you have the recipe for a full day trip.

Monodendri Beach is located just a short drive from Loggos, and about 9 kilometres from Gaios. On the Loggos–Lakka main road, take the exit to Monodendri Beach. You can park your car at various businesses, among which Glyfada Beach Villas & Restaurant. This small and intimate holiday park can offer you a day pass with access to its showers and swimming pools included. It’s just a few steps down from the villa park to the beach.

Levrecchio Beach

Levrecchio Beach is relatively small with a length of about 50 metres. It is only a short drive (300 metres) from the charming little town of Loggos. It has all the ingredients for a fun day out at the beach: a calm, turquoise sea, pine trees, white pebbles, and a taverna with lovely food. 

This beach enjoys the sun until mid-afternoon when it lowers behind the pine trees on the hills behind it. If you want shade during the day, you can rent one of the umbrellas together with its sunbeds from the beach bar. Speaking of which, Bouloukos Taverna is a great spot to have lunch or even just a frappé. It’s right on the beach, so it’s perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids while they play in the water.

Kipos Beach

Another centrally located beach is Kipos. It is a bit harder to get to and undeveloped, so this gives you an opportunity to get away from other tourists. Bring jelly shoes to walk on its pebbles, and a foldable chair if you have one. There are no sunbeds and parasols here, but the pine trees provide shade if needed.

To get to Kipos Beach, take the winding road from Loggos or Gaios. The last few hundred metres to Kipos Beach takes you through olive groves. If coming from the direction of Loggos, you can leave your car about 100 metres from the beach, by the gate of a private villa. If you approach Kipos Beach from Gaios and Kagkatika, you can park between the olive trees, at about 300 metres. In both cases, you will have to walk the last few metres.

Beaches of Antipaxos

Antipaxos is the sister island of Paxos. It can be reached by water taxi in about 15 minutes, and it’s really worth taking the trip for the fantastic beaches that this island has. Often compared with the Caribbean, you can find white sandy beaches here with spectacular, aquamarine waters. This is where the. It even attracts day cruises from nearby Corfu.

Vrika Beach is arguably the best beach of Antipaxos. If you’re tired of the pebbly beaches on Paxos, you are in luck: Vrika Beach has fine, white sand, so you can spread your towel here and enjoy some comfortable sunbathing. Don’t want to get sand all over you? Sunbeds and parasols are available too. And to top it all of, there is a taverna with delicious Greek food and ice-cold beer. 

South of Vrika is Mesovrika Beach. This beach is pebbly, like the beaches on Paxos, but has incredible turquoise waters. It’s only 250 metres from Vrika Beach and it’s an easy hike to get there. It can get pretty crowded with day cruise passengers. 

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