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What to look for when selecting a perfume

Choosing a perfume can be a different experience for different people based on their body chemistry, hormones, and diet. Your environment plays an important role in your choice of fragrance. Here are some important tips to look for when selecting a perfume.

Research for desired fragrance

Buying perfume can cost you a great amount of money so do your research first before spending too much. There is a wide range of perfumes in Pakistan available online stores too. You can check the souk galleria website to get a wide variety of fragrances and attars. Do your research according to your interest.

Pick up your notes

Every perfume consists of three types of notes i.e base, top and heart notes. You can pick your favorite notes of the best perfumes in Pakistan at souk galleria too. Female scents have floral or fruity notes while men’s scents have spicy and strong notes. You can choose your notes depending on your preferences. Also, check for the wide range of perfumes in Pakistan available online.

Right concentration is important

Each fragrance has a specific concentration. There are mainly four types of perfume concentration. This concentration of fragrance plays an important role in pricing too. The highest concentration is of parfum and it lasts the longest.The other fragrances based on concentration are eau de parfum,eau de toilette,eau de cologne.These fragrances last less than parfum. Choose the concentration that is cost-effective and according to your taste. The perfumes in Pakistan are available in all concentrations. Pick the right concentration according to your mood and occasion.

Check the fragrance sample

Buying your favorite fragrance can cost you a great amount of money. So it is advisable to check for samples first before making a purchase. Each person has a different level of pheromones and hormones. You can check the fragrance sample on pulse points. Avoid rubbing the perfume as it breaks the molecules and alters the fragrance. Some stores provide fragrance strips too. There are many best perfumes in Pakistan by a different brand. Souk galleria also offers the best perfumes in Pakistan. Try the Arabian oud collection and feel the aroma.

Buy what you love

There are two types of fragrances natural and synthetic ones. The natural ingredients for perfumes are flowers, grasses, resins, gums, roots, and woods. Synthetic fragrances are made in a laboratory.

Natural products tend to cause an allergic reaction to the skin as compared to synthetic ones. Do a skin test before buying a suitable product to avoid any harm in the future. Buy the fragrance according to your choice.

Do not rush to buy

Fragrance notes take time to evaporate. The first ones to release are top notes. Wait for a little longer so that all notes are released. Do not buy the perfume immediately after testing the sample.

Follow your gut instincts 

Do not choose a fragrance based on its popularity. Nowadays people prefer musk, oud for floral fragrances more but it may not be your choice. Follow your instincts.

Do not try so many fragrances simultaneously

Always test different fragrances on different parts of the skin. Allow the fragrance to develop. Do not try too many fragrances together. Wait for 24 hours before making a decision.

Check online stores for the best perfumes in Pakistan

Online stores provide the facilities of fragrance checkers on their websites. Choose your favorite fragrance from there. You can order samples too before making an actual purchase. Souk galleria offers a wide range of exclusive and premium fragrances and attars. Check their online store to purchase your choice. As it offers one of the best perfumes in Pakistan.

Final thoughts

Picking up your right fragrance can be challenging. We hope this article will assist  you in choosing the right one according to your interest. You will enjoy the aroma of your favorite fragrance and stay fresh all day.


What qualities are to look for when buying a perfume?

You should look for its originality, ingredients, price, innovation, and raw materials.

How can I judge the perfume is of good quality?

Check the packaging of the perfume.

All the labeling must be readable.

Packaging must be of good quality material.

How to assess the orignality of perfume?

Check for the purity of smell. How well the smell blends with the body? How does the smell evolve to release its notes?

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