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The Best Way to Use Instagram Stories for Every One of Your Social Accounts

Have you ever heard that you could make use of Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia Instagram Stories for other social channels such as Facebook as well as Pinterest?

It’s a fantastic and easy method to reduce time and make more use of the content you’ve worked hard to develop. It’s very simple to implement.

from LinkedIn through Pinterest and TikTok In this article, we discuss the various ways you can reuse the content of your Instagram Stories + and tips on how to ensure that they’re optimized for each channel.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. It’s the Rise of the Stories Format
  2. How do I reuse Stories from Instagram Stories to be used on Facebook
  3. How to Repurpose Stories from Instagram Stories to use on Pinterest
  4. What can you do to reuse Instagram Stores for TikTok
  5. The Best Way to Use Instagram Stories to LinkedIn

The Development of the “Stories Format”

When Instagram first introduced stories in 2016all they would talk about was that it was an Snapchat copycat.

In 2020, it appears that everyone wants to have a piece of the pie!

In the beginning of last year, Pinterest announced it was conducting tests of Story Pins. LinkedIn Stories were announced in February and Twitter Fleets came out in March.

It’s clear that there’s something about”stories format” that is evident “stories style” that is just right.

As a company on social media, you need to choose the platforms that are most effective both for both you as well as your target audience.

If, for instance, you’re an activewear company with a target audience that is older, LinkedIn probably isn’t your most effective option. Also, if you’re not currently active in Twitter, creating an entire social strategy around Fleets most likely doesn’t seem to make sense.

Another aspect to consider is the style you prefer to use on every channel, in addition to the kinds of content that will perform the best.

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are all highly visual platforms, while LinkedIn as well as Twitter aren’t as visually appealing. While sharing a fun tutorial could be very effective on Pinterest however it may not be as effective on Twitter where the tastes of users differ.

In the end Repurposing the content you have on your Instagram Stories for other social accounts is definitely worth it! It’s a great method to cut down on time while getting more benefit from your content.

Here we discuss how you can reuse the content of your Instagram Stories for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more:

Start planning for your Instagram Stories with Later today It is available for all plans that are paid!

How do I reuse Stories on Instagram Stories to be used on Facebook

If you’re just beginning to get started using Facebook Stories, one of the most effective methods to get off the starting point is to use repurposed Instagram Stories.

Here are two methods to go about it:

Alternative #1: Automatically cross-post the Instagram Story you’ve posted to Facebook

The most straightforward way to reuse Instagram Stories for Facebook is to make use of Instagram’s built-in tools for sharing.

To begin, you must create and publish a post to Instagram. When it’s live, click the ellipsis icon at the bottom-right on the right.

Next to tap Story Settings.

On the bottom in the display, you will find a button to share Your Story with Facebook. By clicking this, you will be prompted to connect the Instagram account you have created to your Facebook page. Instagram account to Facebook’s profile or Page.

When the account you have on Instagram account is connected with more than one Facebook Pages, then you are able to choose which Page you would like to cross-post your Instagram Stories to.

Go to your Instagram settings in the app and select Accounts.

Now, select Linked Accounts and then Facebook.

From this page, you can choose which Instagram account you’d like to send Your Instagram Stories to.

After your accounts have been connected, you’ll be able to be able to see a new button sharing your stories to Instagram Stories as well as Facebook Stories.

If, for any reason, you’re in possession of an Instagram story that you do not want to share to Facebook (for instance in the event that the story includes an Instagram-specific campaign) simply press and hold the button that’s new.

This will show the small window where you can uncheck Facebook publishing.

If you want to alter your mind, go to your Instagram story and click the Facebook button located at the lower right on the page.

If you choose to remove your story, you’ll be able to delete your story completely out of Facebook Stories as well.

Option #2: Manually Re-Share Your Instagram Stories to Facebook

Another alternative is saving Instagram Stories on your device. You can save Instagram Stories to your device and then manually upload your stories on Facebook Stories.

It’s not as time-consuming , well, a lot more time-consuming, however it’s a viable alternative in the event that you’re not at ease connecting to your Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Just before publishing an Instagram story click the download icon that appears at near the top. Then, you can save the post to the camera roll on your phone.

Be aware all interactive components you have on the Instagram story (like hashtags, poll stickers and so on) aren’t functional when you post it to Facebook.

If you’re thinking of adding images to the story make sure to download the story to Instagram before doing this to ensure that you can apply stickers to the story on Facebook instead!

Then, launch the Facebook application, navigate to your Page and tap your profile image to create an account.

Simply choose the story you’ve just published and you’re ready to post it on Facebook Stories!

How to Repurpose Stories on Instagram for Pinterest? Stories to use on Pinterest

Pinterest first made the announcement of Story Pins last summer, however, they’ve been slow to make their debut across the globe.

If you’re in possession of the feature, it’s definitely worthwhile to test it. However, if you don’t have access have access to it, you can still reuse the content from your Instagram Stories content for Pinterest by sharing it on an Pin!

We’ve been doing quite a bit using Later’s Pinterest account, and it’s yielded amazing results.

Here’s how:

In contrast to the Facebook Stories it’s impossible to automate posting the content to Pinterest from Instagram which means you’ll have be a bit creative.

To start, go to your Instagram Stories and then tap the ellipsis in the lower-right corner.

Then Tap to save…

You’ll be given your choice of downloading the individual story or all your stories in the MP4 files.

As we’ve mentioned before, any interactive elements you include in the Instagram Stories, like stickers or swipe-up CTAs will not be “clickable” in Pinterest.

If you’ve not included something like this, you may just share it on Pinterest in the same way. However, if you have then it’s recommended to edit your post to eliminate these.

There are a lot of mobile video editing applications which can assist in this! Here’s how using InShot:

Begin with opening up the InShot app, then tapping Video, then choosing that video on your camera roll.

With the Split tool identify your section(s) of your video you wish to trim, and then erase the sections.

If you’re feeling inclined to add some transitions!

After you’re satisfied, press on export to store the newly created footage to the camera roll.

Then, start the Pinterest application on your smartphone and click to the “+” button located at the lower right of the screen and then choose Pin.

You can choose the recently cut video from your camera, and then upload it the same way as you would normally do!

Option #2: Make Your Instagram Stories available in a Story Pin

In the year 2000, Pinterest launched its very own story tool called Story Pins!

The feature is in beta, and only select iOS or Android users can access it at present. We’re very enthusiastic about the brand new layout! We’ve heard that it’s similar to Instagram Stories in its design and features.

However, there are some distinctions also. For instance, you have to submit a minimum of two “pages” (Pinterest’s terminology of distinct “stories”) within each Story Pin. Also, you must include the title.

For those who are in search of some Story Pin inspiration, you could check out this boards of Pinterest’s Pinterest Creators community.

Here are a few of the issues to be considered when you are repurposing you Instagram Stories as Story Pins. Most of the time we anticipate it to be a simple procedure.

Note: Due to the two-page minimum it’s best to download your stories in a single file rather than the entire story, as we’ve outlined in the previous.

We’re done at the moment! We’ll keep you updated in the future as Pinterest continues to launch Story Pins to more users!

What can you do to reuse Instagram Stories to use for TikTok

Everyone is talking about TikTok and it’s not without reason. With an active user base of more than 500 million, TikTok has exploded on the social media landscape!

In fact, in month of February TikTok reached a record number of downloads through Google Play and the App Store as well as Google Play.

If you’re thinking about creating an TikTok account, but you’re not certain what you should do, you might want to think about making a new post using the content of your Instagram Stories. It’s easy to create!

Begin by saving your stories in the manner we explained in the previous paragraphs. (As previously mentioned, it’s recommended to select stories with no interactive elements such as stickers or swipe-up CTAs because they won’t function on TikTok).

After that, launch the TikTok application and then tap”+” to create a new video “+” to create a brand new video.

You can click the Upload button to select photos and videos taken from the camera roll.

Note When sharing images, you’ll have to choose at least two to make slideshows.

From this page, you can edit music, filters and much more prior to publishing.

Be aware that TikTok is a distinctive platform and that it is some of the Instagram Stories content will translate very well!

What can you do to repurpose your Instagram Story to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Stories is currently being evaluated internally by LinkedIn and plans are to launch further versions in the near future.

Although we don’t have access to this feature at this time, LinkedIn has provided some information on how it functions.

To begin, go to your LinkedIn homepage. From the left-hand corner click the Add icon that is above your profile.

There, you’ll be able to snap an image, take videos, or even upload your roll of camera.

Note: The maximum duration for a video posted on LinkedIn Stories is 20 seconds.

If you’re reinventing Instagram Stories, you can buymalaysianfollowers repurpose them. Instagram Stories, select them from your camera roll. then click Next to add any stickers or text to the LinkedIn story.

For advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn Stories, check out our guide here.

Then, that’s it!

The practice of posting Instagram Stories to different social media channels is easy to do and is an excellent way to get an audience even while you’re still learning!

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