Technology and Its influence on our lives

Technology has advanced and impacted how people learn, communicate, and think. It aids society and influences how individuals connect regularly. Today’s civilisation is heavily reliant on technology.  Mobile phones and the internet are two examples. Even for Law assignment writing, people go to the internet for help. However, like with all good things, technological advancement comes with a price, as Black Mirror has informed us time and again.

The Internet

The internet has made it possible to build worldwide communities and exchange ideas and resources. But, on the other hand, overuse of some technologies has been linked to mental health issues, an increase in the social divide, and privacy concerns. Yet, every day, we take technology for granted – even when it’s instantly sending us the latest news, brewing our coffee. Or connecting us with a loved one halfway across the nation (or even the world).

People nowadays cannot think of living without technology. The advancement in tech has made everyone’s life so easy it is impossible to go back to the old ways of the internet, a.k.a the Yahoodays. And thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are ever more dependent on technology.

Let’s take forward the discussion to unearth if has made life easier or not.

1.   Increased Communication

“Watson, please come here; I need to see you.” Alexander Graham Bell summoned his assistant from another room and talked about his groundbreaking invention. Bell had hoped there would be “one in every town.” Of course, he was correct – nowadays, everyone has one in their pocket. However, technological advancements have resulted in the classic voice call being phased out in favour of texting and social media as a means of communication.


Video calling is another popular technology. It’s not particularly novel – the concept has been around for about as long as Bell’s telephone. However, the revolution of high-speed broadband at reasonable prices means sending and receiving the amounts of data required for a video call is now simple.

Friends and families are meeting up and socialising through video call more than ever before due to lockdowns and social alienation. While dozens of alternative video conferencing applications are available. Zoom has emerged as the poster child for video chat in the public eye. It is supported by the firm’s earlier-in-the-year claim of 300 million ‘daily participants,’ compared to ‘just’ 10 million in December 2019.

Video calls have changed more than just people’s social life. Because of the epidemic, more of us work from home than ever before, and in-person meetings have declined.

2.   The Internet and Modern Technology

The Universal Web means all Internet material. Such as web pages, videos, and photos, displayed in HTML and accessible via the user’s web browser. The Web is represented by the term (WWW), and access to this network is provided via a communication protocol known as (HTTP). Which Tim Berners-Lee established in 1991.

The internet’s role in revolutionising the world in unlimited ways is quite apparent. Information of all kinds and from different sources is now available at your fingertips. But, while millions use it to educate themselves and learn new things, millions more misuse it for crimes, arguments, spreading controversies and more.

3.   Technology’s Importance in Education

Technology has a tremendous impact on information access and acquisition, and hence on development. Moreover, it is the basis for a massive scientific and cognitive revolution. Making human life easier by expanding inventions in various practical domains.

E-learning is an important technology to learning.

The student controls their education system by regulating the learning process, information material, and interacting with colleagues during learning. In addition, E-learning has produced several applications to enable rapid reference to what the student is asking for. Such as discussion forums, law assignment writing services and libraries. These platforms allow students to post questions and get answers quickly.

Technological advancements have also enabled open education. Allowing persons with health issues or who live in remote areas to enrol in online courses.

4.   Online Money Transfer and Bill Payments

You don’t have to take a walk and go all the way to a bank to withdraw money or transfer it. Many banks have made transactions virtual and globally accessible. Firms like PayPal, Venmo and Money Gram have created paths for people to virtually send and receive money from any location.

Even paying the bill has become very simple thanks to technology and advancement in the application system. For example, you can schedule your payments instead of remembering to mail a check to the person or company. Furthermore, you can manage all your necessary payments online with your mobile phone and a banking application.

Sending automated payments through a banking application is helpful, especially for seniors who might have commute problems. Life has never been this easy, but you got everything figured out thanks to the internet.


In years to come, the revolutions to surface in technology will continue to make insightful changes in our lives. Unfortunately, the frequent changes can be hard to keep up with, especially for senior citizens. Luckily, many new technologies support seniors and are designed to be helpful and useful. All in all, the purpose of all technological inventions was and is always to benefit the masses. However, how you use it makes a think good or bad.

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