Monthly Website Maintenance Tips for Small Businesses

When you run a small to medium-sized business, it’s widespread for you or one of your staff members to be in charge of your website as well as many other things. Many essential things might make it fall off your to-do list quickly.

As more and more people use online marketing channels like local SEO or sponsored search to find businesses near them, their first interaction with your business will be through your website, their first chance to meet you. As you think of it, think of it as your front door to the internet world.

People who keep their websites up to date do things like clean their offices, decorate their stores, and do other things to make an excellent first impression on customers. As you see, It makes you take action in the best way for you.

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Keep your website up-to-date with these tips for small businesses

Getting started, we’ve put together a list of quick ways to keep your website up and running:

Contact Information and Forms

Many small business websites don’t have contact information or contact forms on their site, which is surprising. There is a phone number in the top right corner of your page. If you haven’t already, you can tap on that number.

If you do, you should make sure that your information is correct and that your contact forms work every month. It’s possible that you’re not getting the necessary contact form submissions because of a technical error, a wrong email address, or something else that you don’t know about.

Use a call tracking number if you want to make sure your calls are still going through. You can learn more about how your phone number works with call tracking statistics.

Update Promotions and Deals

Check to ensure the coupon or special offer or another promotional idea you use is up to date. This will keep customers coming back for more. As an example, let’s say that you own an accounting business and offer discounts on tax preparation services to the general public, such as the general public.

While this can be great for ideas and energy in January and April, it can make your site look out-of-date and disjointed the rest of the year. You can tell that a coupon has an expiration date if it doesn’t appear on the website. The people who follow your site will come back for the most recent information if you often update and share your deals and coupons.

Update Your Plugins

When your website has old plugins, they can hurt it. It can slow down your site’s page load times and make it hard for newer plugins to work if you keep old ones on there. As a bonus, they work with their most recent version and can be used by hackers. If your website is not secure, your company and your customers will be upset. Hackers will be happy because they can use this insecurity to get sensitive or dangerous data from your website.

Broken Links and Images

This means that URLs, photos, and everything else are constantly changing and evolving because of the ever-changing web. If you have connections to other people on your site, which is usually a good idea, you should check them every month to make sure they work. You can also link to or show a picture from another website, but make sure they are shown in the right way.

This is an excellent way to figure out how much faith or confidence you have in a website because there are so many broken graphics and links on it.

Site Speed

They don’t pay much attention to the speed of their website. It is becoming more and more important in search engine rankings and, more importantly, conversion rates.

Take a look at the following stats (sources are listed):

  • Many people expect your site to load in two seconds or less.
  • 40% of people will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • For every second that it takes to load, conversions drop by 7%, which is a lot.
  • For every second that it takes to load, user satisfaction goes down by 16%, which makes people less happy.

It’s essential to keep this in mind when making a new site. Speeds will be cut. However, if you add and remove pages, graphics, badges, social links, and other things, your site may slow down a little more than it used to. Ensure you aren’t losing customers by keeping an eye on how long your website takes to load.

People can use many different tools to keep an eye on how quickly a site is loading. Pingdom and Google’s Page Speed Tools are two of the best free and easy-to-use tools out there.

Your Blog

Even though everyone thinks that they need a blog for internet marketing, the truth is that blogs are essential for marketing. Those who surveyed small and medium-sized businesses said the 795 blogging companies they looked at had 55 % more website traffic and 97 % more inbound connections than those who didn’t blog. A blog isn’t enough. You have to keep your blog going and spread the word about your work to make money. If you put up a blog but can’t keep it up to date, your readers will think you’ve abandoned your site.

You are performing these all checks at least once a month will improve the search engine friendliness of your site and your users’ experience.


Maintaining your website is an essential part of your business that you can’t just forget about. If you don’t make changes to your website regularly, you could hurt your business’s reputation and, in some cases, your customer’s trust.

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