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How To Get On Wikipedia

If your business is doing well, then you must take it a step ahead by getting on Wikipedia. This will bring more visibility and credibility to the business on Wikipedia. Creating a wiki page is necessary for a business because it helps in attracting new customers which will eventually increase sales. It helps in introducing the business to the clients.

Tips to get your business on Wikipedia

  • Ensuring notability
  • Find citations
  • Find references from other wiki pages
  • Research and scope out industry areas
  • Wikipedia contributor
  • Join hands with other Wikipedia contributors
  • Allow submissions
  • Hold discussion on the talk page
  • Neutrality
  • Getting started

Ensuring notability

 It is important for a business to be notable enough to get featured on Wikipedia. Any business that gets featured by the press or newspaper gets notified.  This is only possible if the business has a good reputation. Wikipedia uses notability as an important aspect to feature the business. This also questions the credibility of the business. It is the merit that determines whether the business is capable of coming to o Wikipedia. Only those business that has gained a name in a short time by providing incredible services have become notable.

Find citations

Wikipedia only accepts content over a topic that is free from any type of promotion. Wikipedia editors for hire can be contacted to get the service. For achieving this third-party source must be involved. From third-party sources refer to blogs, articles, forums, and magazines.  The citation should be authentic.

Find references from other wiki pages

After being mentioned on one Wikipedia page, it is possible that editors will like to add you to another page. They might pick you while creating a new page. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to get on more pages as it provides a chance for the editor to add your information. This will make the brand reputable and credible as it gets links and mentions from other pages.

Research and scope out industry areas

It is important to know about other organizations of the same niche that have Wikipedia pages. The company name can be searched. Now check if there is related information to the industry you belong to. If you find that, then you can create a page on related topics. This will be presented as a citation.

Wikipedia contributor

It is good to join the community before starting a business page. The foremost thing is to contribute to other pages that already exist. This will help in learning the process. Try to learn to edit before you create your own page.

Join hands with other Wikipedia contributors

Writing an article would be beneficial as you become part of the larger community. By showcasing an article, you will be visible to other. They will have an insight into your ad your writings. They can easily judge your potential in the field.  

Allow submissions

It is important to develop strategies to get noticed. For this, you should allow different users to contribute to the page. Edited pages are regarded as credible whereas those without any entry will be deleted by Wikipedia. If you allow other contributors to contribute to them, they will make edits to the page which will save you from such a situation.

Hold discussion on the talk page

Discussion pages are encouraged by Wikipedia. This discussion area source of knowledge and visibility. It is through these discussions that Wikipedia comes to know more about p a topic and the interest of people in it.


The article was written should be neutral. It should not be promotional or should refer to branding. Every article should be informational and must reflect an informational tone.

Getting started

As mentioned above, the foremost criteria to showcase the brand on Wikipedia is to be notable enough. This way a contributor will be willing to create a page for you. You can become a contributor as well and start using Wikipedia. The process is simple. Make an account and edit ten articles. This way you will be able to improve the content.

After that creating a Wikipedia page would be easy. Just create a Wikipedia page and add the information about your business. The information should be accurate and free from any kind of promotion. Then it depends on Wikipedia, if it is according to the guidelines of Wikipedia, it could get approved.


Businesses are required to make a Wikipedia page to boost their business and increase their visibility, credibility, and reliability. Traditional marketing methods have vanished with these new and improved marketing techniques to attract customers. It is a crucial step in building brand awareness.

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