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Getting Verified as a Business on Instagram

A lot of businesses nowadays use different social media networks to promote their business. Among these different social media networks, one of the most prominent ones is Instagram.

As a business when you are on Insta having the verification badge can really make you stand out from the rest. A verification badge automatically stablish is you as a brand and gives the customers a sense of trust.

What is Instagram Verification?

Have you ever seen a blue check mark next to the profiles of celebrities and the like on Instagram? That is Instagram notification badge there are two types of different profiles That can get verified on Instagram, these include businesses and public figures.

The verification badge signifies that Insta concern the identity of the owner of the account and deemed it to be authentic.

Why getting verified on Instagram is important?

When you’re verified on Instagram your business seems more legit to the audience. It’s the first step on getting your customers to believe in your brand. Even through the verification batches is simple symbol it shows the audience that they’re not following an impersonator but rather the actual business page of your brand. It also helps that accounts that have a verification badge show up higher in search results. This means that your business will get more exposure and customers will be able to find your page more easily.

Criteria for verification on Instagram

As a business or a public figure, you can request verification on Instagram at anytime. But you have to be careful because Instagram only verify the accounts that it considers to be authentic. It is due to this fact that the blue badge carries the weight that it does. According to Insta when they’re reviewing requests there are few things that they focus on did you clear mind whether the account should be verified or not. If you want to get your account verified on Instagram you need to be sure that it aligns with the terms of use and community guidelines of Instagram.

In order to align with them you need to make sure that your account is;

  • Authentic
  • Unique
  • Complete
  • Noteworthy

If you want your Insta page to rank high in search results you need to work on getting verification badge. The way to do that is to make sure that your account actually represents a real person or business. If you ask any brand consulting firms about it, they will tell you the same thing. You also need to make sure that the type of content you share on your page is unique and unlike anything else. Ensuring these things will make it easier for you when you apply for the verification badge.

Once you apply for the request the will analyze these points and see if your page is fit for the verification badge. After getting it you will see how your are able to trust your business more easily. And even new clientele will open up for you and find it easier to trust your business.

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